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  buttcramp  |  21

I totally agree with y'all, and if OP just explained his reaction to the employer I'm sure that would make the employer feel like OP would be a good worker because of how bad OP needs the job!

  NeatNit  |  32

Seriously? Control yourself! Going to an interview isn't something that happens suddenly. If you're nervous or excited or any other emotion, try and blow it off before leaving. Anything left over, just hold yourself together and save it till you're out of there.

This is a YDI if I've ever seen one. Next time, OP, perhaps you'll control yourself better. All the best!

  lilmissish  |  6

How about you try to control yourself!! Being a douche bag isn't going to get you no where. OP we've all been there, maybe not cried, but we've all been in your shoes. I hope you got the job!


@23, Not everyone can control their emotions like that. I know that the second I feel teary, there's no stopping it. It's not all-out bawling, but once your eyes well up, you're pretty much doomed. The looking-up-at-the-sky-and-blinking-rapidly method of avoiding tearfall only goes so far.

Most people don't just have an off switch for emotions, and OP said they burst into tears when they saw the interviewer. Obviously they were suddenly overwhelmed, there's no preparing for a surprise onslaught of feeling like that. Nice superiority complex in claiming that OP should have, though.

  _raemichaels  |  8

Seriously?! OP hasn't had a job interview in THREE YEARS. Hardly anyone would be cool and collected after having the opportunity to turn the situation around after that much time.

Imagine you starving for three years and then having a delicious chocolate cake put in front of you, after all that waiting, you'd tear up too. Mind you, the cake and the job interview don't really relate but the point is, before you go spewing negativity, put yourself in OP's shoes!

  TheDrifter  |  23

If people really have no control at all over their emotions and simply have to react to them I fear for humanity. If you break down bawling every time you begin to feel sad, what happens when you're mad, upset, confused or depressed? There are medications and mental health professionals for a reason, please look into them before a frustrated rage becomes a murder charge against you.

  NeatNit  |  32

I realize the reason why OP would be very emotional and yes, I know you can't really control that junk. I'm just saying, it wasn't sudden. The job interview didn't jump out of nowhere, OP had time to prepare, to cry, get excited, and then finish and maybe plan out a thing or two.

If the interview WAS sudden (which does happen sometimes I guess) then I take it all back, but in general when you have really important things like that, you should be prepared, and try to arrive as emotion-free as possible.

By  Raleaf  |  26

Should have gone on to tell them how beautiful they were and how their looks must bring any mortal to tears.....Might be a little to much brown nosing for a first meet but worth a shot.