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Today, I had my eyebrows waxed for my senior pictures. After manhandling me, the cosmetologist managed to "accidentally" take my whole eyebrow off. It looks like I'll be remembered forevermore as the girl with one eyebrow. FML
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This is one of the best times for a little makeup.

Pencil it in. Better yet, get rid of the other one.


This is one of the best times for a little makeup.

true. rely on an eyeliner until the brow grows back. Many people get the "permanent tattoo" in the shape of an eyebrow and shave the eyebrow off. Also, what kind of beautician would shave the whole eyebrow off? There are newbies who have screwed up my eyebrow but they didn't wax it off. I hope at the very least OP got a refund! :/

Just take off the other one. It's female logic nowadays to just draw them back on anyways.

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I took my senior pictures in June & school starts back in August & I'll be a senior. So I think she means that her senior picture in the yearbook will only have one eyebrow & that's what she means by being remembered as the girl with one eyebrow.

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I mean you have all that time before you take your pictures.

First, where I live kids get out around mid-end of June and start the wednesday after labor day. So it depends on where you live. Second, we don't know when this happened this could have happened last year for all we know and OP just decided to post it now.

She better not have paid for it.

People usually get their senior pictures taken during the summer. In my school we have to turn our picture for the yearbook in the first week of October. I'm getting mine at the beginning of August but some of my friends got them in June and July.

I got my senior picture done last summer as well. I don't know how other schools do it, but my old school requires you do get your senior picture done before the year starts so you get your yearbook picture done and they can make your student ID at the start of school.

A little powder, a little paint Makes little Elaine into what she ain't.

Because in Nevada, depending on what city she lives in, we take senior pictures in the summer and submit them to the yearbook for the upcoming year

Florence + the Machine anyone?

Pencil it in. Better yet, get rid of the other one.

My great-grandmother pencils her eyebrows in and it's hilarious because half of the time, they're crooked xP

At least you won't be remember as the girl with the unibrow.

stevenJB 25

One my grandmas just got hers tattooed on her face!

Florence + the Machine anyone??

And thats when the sharpie comes in.

No! They make "eyebrows" too arched, and it makes you look like an evil henchman!

Hopefully you're popular enough to make the one-eyebrow look the new "cool thing" to do. Kind of like in Mean Girls, when the popular girl walked around with her bra showing through her shirt. Work it, girl. ;)

I hope they gave you a refund...

It's better than a unibrow...

a unibrow you can still wax the middle and have two left. so not really.

Well with a missing eye brow you can draw the other one in

It IS a unibrow! She has one eyebrow, ipso facto, she has a unibrow. Study Latin!

Maybe you can get a new haircut with bangs or side-bangs to cover your nonexistent eyebrow?

A combination of tactfully styled hair and a bit of pencil work would probably do the trick. Just don't be too insecure or bring attention to it, and I'm sure most people won't even notice. This happened to my friend once, and no one except for the two of us ever knew about it!

These were my thoughts exactly. I knew a girl in high school who had a lazy eye and covered it with her bangs. If you don't know her before high school then you had no clue she had a weird eye.

That's better than the girl at my high school who shaved all her hair off, except her bangs, that just looked strange!!

My friend has a disorder that caused the hair in one eyebrow not to grow, and she uses her bangs to cover it. Nobody really notices or cares.

The same shit happened in the school i used to go to, but mad people did it and people walked around with like purple and green hair like it was nothing unusual

At least you're not the girl with no eyebrows.

At least you'll be remembered. I forget half the people I went to school with.

This comment was switched? Sorry, didn't mean reply to this one.

18 is a time traveler.

YDI for being fake!!!

People like you make me want to jam a jackhammer up my ass.

Grooming your eyebrows is being fake?

Grooming does not mean you're fake. It means you care about your appearance. Would you prefer that women who have unruly hair growth just walk around looking like Chewbacca? Because with your logic, hair removal in any capacity is "fake". I'm thinking if the world thought like you, it would be a far too "natural" place.

Unless you upset them. Then they tear your arms out of your sockets.