By proudestmonkey - / Tuesday 24 March 2009 05:44 / United States
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does semen even have a smell? I thought she ment like sweat or something idk. butttttttttt nice going whomever stole the shoes. reminds me of the one Dane Cook bit in vicious circle where he breaks into someones house but wished he had fucked with them and left like a Lava lamp or something :D

I'm thinking it might have been a one-legged man (or woman). Seriously, why else would someone steal only one of each shoe? You just happened to be the right size. Sucks for you. Amputee sex sounds very kinky to me, but I bet that's what went on in your car. I'm sure that stump can be put to good use!

That's just wrong. I hope they catch the bastards and hung them by the shoelaces from the shoes they stole. Oh and put the stolen shoes somewhere very uncomfortable.

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