By crazyclumzy - Canada
Today, I had lunch with a co-worker, and after having a good talk and enjoying each others company, we got up to leave. Right before we said goodbye, she looked me right in the face and looking legitimately confused said "you know, I really don't understand why no one at work likes you." FML
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  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

#1 and #7, you are the reason why so many people commit suicide. Jerks like you, who always assume that the victim is at fault in societal issues. You're the same as guys who say someone deserved to be raped because they were female.

  alexisthename  |  0

^#31: Calm down, Captain BuzzKill.

They were just trying to be funny.

Maybe the OP doesn't socialize and comes off as snobby or rude. A woman at my old job wouldn't speak to others and refused to attend any company luncheons. She may have been keeping to herself to be a more productive worker, but people just assumed she was a stuck-up bitch.

  tisiphone_fml  |  0

Maybe you're shy, or you just don't make a very good first impression. There are some personalities that take some warming-up to. I think it was a good step to meet somebody one-on-one so that they could get to know you better.

By  Scourge87  |  0

Well, if she was sincere, congratulations, at least you know you have someone you can count on.

As long as you don't need someone too smart or with much tactfulness that is ^_^U

By  rOBboCOp  |  0

at that point i wouldnt be thinkin about friends my mind would be on the girl,
but still either shows your not very social at work or very shy or........... and so on

By  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Maybe you just don't make a good first impression. You could be one of those people that you have to get to know to appreciate. Or maybe you're both bitches and can only tolerate your own kind.

Either way, your life is not f'ed just because some coworkers may not like you. If you care, do something to win them over. If you don't, do your job and go home. Meh