By anonymous - 17/09/2011 07:44 - United States

Today, I had leg surgery. While I was recovering in the hospital, my boyfriend dumped me. I then had to ride home, a 2 hour drive, listening to my mother and aunt tell me he was the best thing to happen to me and I will never find a better man. Then the morphine wore off. FML
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What bitches you have to deal with.

Man, rough day :(


Man, rough day :(

that sounds so bad

That is just an unfortunate sequence of events OP. Sorry to hear that.

Did someone say morphine? O_o

Is this after you ran over him with your wheelchair?

you wanted him back, you're so through with that, and honestly he turned out to be the best thing you never had. :)

Breaking up with you while you're in the hospital? Dont listen to your parents, you will find someone much better

Wow, that must be terrible. I know from experience that surgery at a young age sucks, and you have all these added variables. Sorry, get better soon.

21 just fired their lolzerbeam at full power.

Wow.. You can say that again:(

Man...this FML isn't even funny, it's straight up depressing.. :( sorry OP!

You don't even know why he broke up with her.

If the ass dumped you while you're in recovery he's obviously one of the worst things to happen to you. Your mom and aunt are just dumb asses.

Holy shit, the same thing happened to me! My gf broke up with my via text. I even traveled an hour to go to her volleyball game the same day.

Your ex is an asshole. what kind of person breaks up with someone in the hospital?!

What bitches you have to deal with.

Yeah and bitches like these are why opiates are so effective. ;D

Looks like you should have pocketed some of that morphine, Eh?

OP thats what we in the buissness call a double whammy.

I think you deserve a joint

wow, what dbag breaks up wit their partner while they r in the hospital?? ur better off witout him, srry op

With* Are* You're Without* Sorry*

don't forget *douchebag

with the grammer corrections..... lol

They sound like major pains

Your mother sounds like a lovely woman.. Prove them wrong. I wonder why he broke up with you

because he's a dick!!!!

Just cuz a guy dumps a girl doesn't make him a dick. For all we know he was the nicest guy ever, and OP is a total bitch!

56 - Even if that is the case, he picked the worst possible time to break up with her.

Exactly why I wonder why he broke up with her, hard to say if it's a TDI or FYL without that info

He probably broke up because of the aunt and mother...

I feel very sorry for you rough day my freind

Your mom and aunt sound like angry bitches.

That sucks! He is a ass for breaking up with you while you were in the Hospital! You don't need him! Find a guy that really cares for you!

The way eminem cares for you right

#49 I didn't get that at first! But Hahahahaha that's good lol

Should of told them to stfu op. It's none of their business, and to buy you a bottle of tequila for being bitcahes, to tie you over till you more meds. Oh and get well soon.

oh dear, that's just plain someone said just prove them wrong and just ignore them. you have enough to deal with already :/

You should have jumped out of the car while the morphine was still in your system.