By anonymous - United States
Today, I had leg surgery. While I was recovering in the hospital, my boyfriend dumped me. I then had to ride home, a 2 hour drive, listening to my mother and aunt tell me he was the best thing to happen to me and I will never find a better man. Then the morphine wore off. FML
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  Fml_FTW228  |  10

Wow, that must be terrible. I know from experience that surgery at a young age sucks, and you have all these added variables. Sorry, get better soon.

  Xr70r7  |  4

Holy shit, the same thing happened to me! My gf broke up with my via text. I even traveled an hour to go to her volleyball game the same day.

By  bo1440  |  3

Should of told them to stfu op. It's none of their business, and to buy you a bottle of tequila for being bitcahes, to tie you over till you more meds.

Oh and get well soon.