By Anonymous - / Monday 8 June 2009 17:47 / United States
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By  Button_x  |  0

Pfft. I don't see why people insist on doing bad things to their ex's. You dated. You broke up. Get over it, don't throw dairy products at their houses. YDI.

By  dammn  |  0

LOL # 1 . you deserved that buddy :P stop the car next time :P

By  MaddieMonster  |  0

Thank you for clarifying: gravity works! Agree with #1. I hope this was in your car or else fuck your friends lives. edit: there is a yeast infection ad on the side of the page. hope that isn't karma for you.

  poncho55  |  40

Bahaha...that edit. Y'know, Google tries to display some ads based on your Google searches. So, thank you for informing the community about one of your recent health issues. :)

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