By Lameartist - 12/02/2012 10:36

Today, I had just finished an elaborate charcoal drawing as part of a college application that took a good week. When I read over the requirements, I found out it needed to be done in graphite pencil. FML
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You should have read the requirements first op. YDI

Damn light it on fire and start over


Damn light it on fire and start over

Arson is usually frowned upon in universities.

Arson is the burning of a building.

Arson is the intentional burning of property, it doesn't only include structures, including your own. Ex: Setting your car on fire to collect insurance.

Arson is a very good kid.

Who the hell cares about arson and what it means? Just burn the damn thing!

You make a good point there, sir.

you can probably get away with specifying that it's a 6B graphite stick

Or this, this is good too (compared to my idea)

In case no one understood the joke, it's a charcoal drawing and charcoal is the best base for a fire.

burn baby, burn

35 was joking as in taking it that the OP of this comment meant the school and not the paper. I can't believe nobody caught on to his hilarity!

You should have read the requirements first op. YDI

2 is right, you should have read over the requirements before starting

No 43 but I but at least a hundred more people will post the EXACT same thing.

If we want to get our posts seen, we sure as hell do!

Yes. Without it, the idiots will ask the same question in rapid succession.

Yeah! You should've read the requirements first! Glad everyone one of us is on the same page! :)

Next time i would read the requirements first.

Does anyone else think the op should've read the requirements a tad more closely?

*the second but should have been bet I had to re-read it a couple of times to figure out what I meant.

Or, in the parlance of our times, RTFM!

YDI for not reading the requirements beforehand to make sure.

I thumbed you up because you and #2 posted these at the same time.

TorturedXeno 27

... and now YOU'RE getting thumbed down.

Srsly you guys!

Close enough.

Your pic is creepy:/

Your daughter is creepy.

34- what the hell is creepy about ferrets?!?

I have 3 ferrets and I love them dearly :)

FERRETS!!! ^_^ They're like Kinkajous :)

34 your pic is ??? A sequined blob on top of highlighter colored hair??

I just think the way that their all curled up is terrifying

Always read the fine print... or, in your case, just the print.

"small print" = small (but significant) details usually written in small letters

Ydi you should of read the requirements before starting

How many people need to say this? Lol geez.. Think of a unique comment

Double post, my phone was being dumb

I refer you to comment two and replies

Check the times these comments were posted. It's likely they all wrote their comments when there was no similar comment yet. So no need to bash these people :)

Here's a good reason to bash: it's SHOULD'VE, contraction of "should" and "have" respectively.

149- or just "should have"... Why the need for unnecessary contractions?

At least you'll have something to use next time you get a charcoal project.

I worked really hard on a charcoal drawing just to find out that they will take any kind of art besides..... charcoal! Of course. They told me this 3 days before my audition.

You will soon learn to read all the directions clearly when you get in college. Don't waste your time doing the assignment wrong. Good luck.

College has nothing to do with it. You should fully read the directions before starting anything. They taught me that in elementary school..

Yeah, but in elementary, well in my case, the teachers would point out the fine details.

They teach you that in elementary school, but you don't learn it till high school (or in op's case, college)

Hand it in anyways

That is a terrible idea.

Bad ideas make the best good ideas

Not if they trace it with the required items :D

YDI for not reading the instructions.