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uhg...morning sickness. I had it for the entire 9 months. hang in there OP.

If it didn't really look like it then, it sure does now.


uhg...morning sickness. I had it for the entire 9 months. hang in there OP.

Morning sickness is the worst! The foods I ate/threw up while pregnant are still repugnant 7 years later. OP, if your husband didn't mean for it to gross you out this time, maybe he'll learn and not do/say anything like that again. And I'd also throw in that he owes you a few hair holdings to make up for it! It usually gets better, but even if it doesn't at the end it's totally worth all the sickness and pain! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery OP!

don't eat canned soup. It's not good for. Look at poor spongebob after eating canned food

I've had morning sickness, and it started at 4 weeks and lasted FOREVER and all day! I'm 5 weeks now and I dont have any morning sickness yet. That sickness can really mess with your head. I started getting sick from BBQ sauce, and eventually I couldn't even look at a bottle of it without getting sick.

If it didn't really look like it then, it sure does now.

time to pick out and new a soup until the baby comes.

That sucks! Feel better

Dang OP, hope you feel better soon /: Being sicky sucks.

Technically she's not sick, she's pregnant, I'd assume, from when she said 'morning sickness.' so depending on how long op has been pregnant, she might go through it for a little while.

Um... 33 ...Why do you think it's called morning "sickness?" Yes, she is pregnant but in some cases people never got morning sickness. Heck, even got morning sickness without being pregnant.

Technically it really isn't sickness, though. It's just a brief amount of time that your stomach is upset and you don't really have a taste for anything. Most times, you don't even have a fever, so it's just sort of a temporary feeling. I guess it depends on who you are to call it "sickness" though.

#44 and people saying it's not a sickness- stomach aches and flu bugs are classed as a sickness and they last a significantly shorter length of time than morning SICKNESS, which can last the whole 9 months. It's a sickness, because it is causing her deteriorating health. Would you rather we called it an "inconvenience" or "temporary ickyness"?

I feel you. Puke is literally the grossest thing. EVER.

i can think of many other things worse than puke.

Even worse than an hour after Taco Bell?

I always thought snot was the grossest thing ever. As a kid I could never watch Ren and Stimpy because of all the nasty scenes with their mucus everywhere.. I can handle seeing puke, not the smell, but sight of it isn't too bad. Now if someone had a huge slime ball hanging from their nose.. Bleh, it makes gag just thinking about it..

I know just what to mail you

Vomit is the grossest thing ever? You think so? Hey, I know this blog you should check out...

Hell I know a Lemon Party site he should see

Never eating soup again

I can't stand when people comment bad stuff about my food. You're not eating it so stfu.

Are you eating something right now? I want to criticize it. Maybe a granola bar? If so, your granola bar is wack.... umm.... yo.

MrSassypants, your pic goes great with almost every comment you post! I always enjoy that!

Exactly. At school, 2 of my friends looked at what I was eating and said it looked nasty. That made me feel embarrassed.

Yeah I agree too. my boyfriend is a vegetarian, so I started eating a lot of tofu and meatless "meat" (the morningstar stuff). everyone makes comments about tofu, mainly "EWWWW" but it's delicious(if cooked properly) really good for you and really filling. I've lost about 50 pounds since I've cut way back on meat.

Tell your husband to clean it up for doing that.

You should have puked on him!.

Whoah, hey, hey now. You don't want to do that.

he should have supported u instead of commenting