By hkkilla - 16/03/2010 17:40 - United States

Today, I had four teeth pulled, and my mom brought me some ice cream to help with the pain. I fell asleep before I could finish it, and without realising, I left the bowl on my bed. I woke up a few hours later with ice cream spilled all over me, my pants, and all over my now-dead phone. FML
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Anthrophobia 2

When you're tired and in pain, almost anything is possible.

I hope it wasn't a dope ass phone


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no one CARES

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I hate when people do that FIFTH!!!

this puts the I scream in ice cream

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I hate people that think it's awesome to be first likethats not why your on this site.

YourEvilHero 12

ydi for eating a fat persons food

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hahahahahahahaha this fml is sorta funny something I would prob dooo

this puts the I scream in ice cream

um she had four teeth pulled out of her mouth. cold stuff is your best friend. it helps numb the pain. I would know, I had 5 teeth pulled in 45 minutes. that's 1 tooth every 9 minutes. talk about pain.

Please post your comments separately, unless it's actually relevant to #1's post.

If it was an iPhone then I hope you were stupid enough to not buy a warranty ydi if it wa an iPhone

Ice creams has more value than a phone

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Actually, #3 was referring to #1 from the way I look at it. It's actually YOU who's offending the rules. Shame shame Sirin.

yeah what #17 said lol these people trying to steal the top slots really do get annoying lol see I can post a comment here cuz I'm commenting on #17... and as far as the fml goes that sucks big time :/.. poor phone lol

Ajjas013 6

My comment was in response to Sirin (#17) and it got moderated. Tell me again what you were trying to say?

what does having no penis have to do with getting 4 teeth pulled?! OP, do you have insurance on your phone?

How do you post separate comments on an iPod?

lay off the vicodin

i haz no puuuussy

I really wish this site had the most recent comments at the top, like YouTube. Then it would stop people replying to first.

I have a big penis

Oh and that comment was relevant as it was a reply to Sirin, If it is eally such a big problem replying to first then get it fixed, easy.

I'm not sure what the precise method is for the iPhone/iPod, but I know for a fact one exists. If you really can't find a way to do it, then please post your comment as a reply to the most recent one, not at the top of the page. Since people aren't getting the message, despite my request, any more irrelevant comments up here will be both moderated and account-sanctioned over. Please familiarise yourselves with the rules, and respect the fact that the moderators exist to enforce them, not to be the brunt of blatant disregard and disrespect. Thanks.

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#37 The button in the bottom right corner. Most people don't know about it though so let's keep this between you and me.

Okay I found it, thanks guys.

sorry this doesn't have anything to do with the first post, but why are the other new posts that are up modded?

not being modded* sorry

They will be from here-on-out, as of the next batch of FMLs.

gotcha, thanks for answering

FYLDeep 25

Is this cause of the Rachel Fminetoo conversation last night?

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Kirlyfoo 9

u have no life fuck face

ahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love everyone(:

WTF wat does that have to do with anything no. 1?

I hope it wasn't a dope ass phone

it was a samsung. not an fml

what about yours? LOLZ i love that pic. love it.

xoxbandgeekxox13 3

wow that sounds like a great day lol

Ice cream? You wish it was ice cream...

momoimmortal 0

LOL!!! I know right!!! anal rape

your pic and this post puts the I scream in ice cream :)

@ 39 "iScream" that the result of an iPhone and that surprise melted vanilla mod

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well that's what warrantys for plus don't trun it on for a day or it fyies the phone

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Vicodin doesn't spill

redbeater 5

YDI for being a stupidshit.

well, sucks for you.

OMG!!! I had 4 teeth pulled today too!! they gave me to much novacaine and I accidently butt dialed my bf, he said I sounded like a fat Swedish girl P: FML

are you a fat Swedish girl?

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how does he know how a fat Swedish girl sounds like?

bcz im a fat sweedish girl .....and oh yeah he's cheating on u

How the hell did you fall asleep while eating ice cream?

Anthrophobia 2

When you're tired and in pain, almost anything is possible.