By Miki13 - 11/11/2012 20:27 - Canada - Whitby

Today, I had dinner with my grandparents. At the table, my grandfather openly complained about how hard it is for him to get out of their hot tub. Not because of his prosthetic leg, but because his balls somehow "get stuck". I really didn't need to know that. FML
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Sounds like a very serious issue. You should ask him about it in more detail. I know how much you love hearing about your grandfathers balls.

how pleasant.


how pleasant.

I think that's the worst I've ever felt for a hot tub.

It's casual conversation.

Makes me think of that 1000 ways to die episode where.... Shit... He died in a hot tub... But I can't remember how...

Old people say the grossest things!

I get that all the time

What? You always hear your grandfather complaining that his balls get stuck?

@32 - Oh yeah. Apparently older guys encounter some saggage with their baggage later in life, and complain all the time about how inconvenient and occasionally painful it is.

Well that's one way to get some.

Some of? I'm curious to know what he's getting ...

I really don't want to think about how that's possible. I might get a mental image...

Just don't picture chafing, hairy old disgusting sagging man balls and you'll be ok.

Man balls? As opposed to lady balls?

Sounds like a very serious issue. You should ask him about it in more detail. I know how much you love hearing about your grandfathers balls.

No! Just NO!!! Very disturbing and very unneeded.

I'm just having a laugh, no need to take it so seriously. Haha

"Tell me more, Grandpa!"

13 I was about to laugh till i got a visual from that. -.-

"Well it all started when I had my balls next to the jets so that they could get a nice massage..."

You sir are evil! :'(

-conjures up evil laugh- muahahahaha I have taken over your mind with unforgettable images!

NOooooooooooooo my pure, innocent mind it's corrupted!!:'(

Then they got stuck and my balls were shredded and all the sperm flew everywhere

You took that a little too far there 56.

Well they do say the older you get, the lower they hang. This is clearly a harrowing example of the problems caused by ageing.

I see your point, but having a hot tub and openly talking about his balls? Your grandpa sounds pretty fun :)

Yes... Fun!

Fun? I feel better adjectives could have been used. Example: Creepy, weird, gross....

Still sounds better than listening to mine talk about everything he hates about the government 24/7.

* Insert sexist comment here*

How does ones balls get stuck in a hot tub exactly?

I've heard of guys, regardless of age, sitting on their balls, but I have a feeling at this point he's tripping over them too.

That face on your profile pic is probably OPs face as the story was being told haha...

Is your grandpa Hugh Hefner?