By Username - 26/07/2010 02:32 - France

Today, I had been sick all day, so to cheer me up my dad drove me to get ice cream. On our way back, we hit a puppy. FML
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this is a fml for the dog not you. poor puppy :(

What a CAT-astrophe! Wait, wrong pun...


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But really, there's nothing funny about that

every1s laughing but thats like really sad. ydi for getting sick. poor puppy

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poor puppy

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Poor puppy D: Atleast you got icecrean?

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Agreed #13.

captain, don't let OP's dad near your dogs.

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haha iicaptian would be devastated

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awh :( was the ice cream good at least?

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Maybe he thought it would cheer you up. Way to let a puppy die by being sick.

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omfg. poor puppy):

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Don't eat icecream if you're sick. And it's not a FML for the dog, it doesn't care that it's dead.

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its more like an fml or the poor puppy

I try to hit puppies while I'm driving, you know. they're 150 points!!!

In Soviet Russia you don't hit dog, dog hit you! does that make you feel better? (the dog just lost the fight)

im sorry but FUCK UR DAD! if he killed a puppy that puupy should come back as a ghost and run him over what a bitch lol ghost puppy...retarded. anyways dogs rule so if u kill 1, FUCK U!

more like f the pups life :that is if it's still alive

r u seriously crying about how sad u r when u just hit a puppy.... who is hurt or dead, and has an owner who is going to be devastated? ydi for being a selfish brat

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Ashley, what if I killed 2? 61, OP isn't selfish at all.

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53- you're amazing :D

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fuck you asshole

Today I had just learned to walk, and decided to cross the road. I got hit by some bastards eating ice cream. FML (this is puppy's FML)

What the fuck... My puppy was hit today, I really hope it wasn't you, because the driver kept driving...

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who eats ice cream when they're sick? and maybe the puppy had rabies and you did it a good deed. maybe just maybe...

ooh, that wud ruin my day, unless it was that puppy from Tom and jerry, his dad pissed me off so much!!! the cat didn't mean to do it!!! it's that stupid mouse teasing him!!!!!!

why is it ydi? OP doesnt wanna be sick either

so 61, if you hit a puppy should you not feel bad? I don't understand your logic here. How is op selfish for feeling bad about hitting a puppy?

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Dumbass. If you were sad, all you had to do was come to me and i'd give you a banana sticker. Don't ya know banana stickers make EVERYTHING better? So, Ima have to say YDI for not coming to me. Now you're going to get fat AND you killed a dog. Shame on you! Oh, and don't ever think of coming to me asking for one in the future. You are banned from my awesomeness forever!

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*sick not sad. >.<

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dayum girl you fine

117 I...would...LOVE A BONANA STICKER!!!!!

liar ! people dont hit puppies ! it was a coyote, racoon, skunk, or squirrel. thats what i always see lying on the road. has anyone ever seen a puppy ?

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lol, I don't think half of these people asking for banana stickers understand where the the banana stickers came from xD Metalocalypse FTW.

aww poor puppy :/

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you're awesome too 83 :D

Poor fucking animal. ='( I actually couldn't give a rats arse about if a human being was hurt but I feel somewhat hurt if an helpless animal gets hurt - Only thing what brings a tear to my eye and reminds me that I'm still human and that I still have a heart. =(

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aww 96...that totally sucks!

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what do u mean she deserved it for gettin sick. I'm sure she didn't go out of her way to infect her self n fall ill. the puppy thing is sad though

1- I totally agree. The first thing I did was literally laugh out loud. 

Wtf 13.?? "ydi for getting sick" Wow. You Can't Stop Getting Sick. Tard

Today, I was just doing my thaang and walking on a sidewalk when some douchebag eating ice cream came on the sidewalk and hit me. I'm just a puppy. FML.

well I guess you got more then you wanted!! just make sure you clean the puppy right!! and make sure it's clean everywhere on it!!

puppy pancakes! yum!

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What kind of ice cream did you get?

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I love puppies. they taste like chicken

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so 138 if you had a kid and they died, then you wouldn't care since they were not a pet?

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FFML your a stupid fat btch. slurry whore. I'd fck the sht out of that ugly fatazz

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People with sore throats... Not all sickness involves overeating and stomach aches.

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awww! be careful when u drive! poor puppy! )-; , , ,

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 + =     =  FYL

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I would rofl at that. if it was a cat, I would cry. fuck dogs

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omfg I would run ur dad over to see how he likes it. jerk!

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I want to run over your ugly babies :(

that sucks op! y would u get ice cream if ur sick tho?

it's just an animal. at least the dad didn't swerve to avoid it and crash the car.

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oh dude that. blows.

dude... put some clothes on

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Your sick gohab! What kindove stupid username is that anyways

how is she selfish!?

this is a fml for the dog not you. poor puppy :(

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fml doesn't promote pets

well it should :(

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haha ya I guess :}

dogs have lives too, so its only fair :) hehe

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if only they could talk lol •_•

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Ahaha 45.

34 and 33 flirting.

your actually number 33.. ?

Arsonnist 3

Wait....I'm 33. that's awkward.

so who were you referring to? haha

Arsonnist 3

I didn't say it. Look at the name of the flirting comment and look at mine lol. I'm just as confused.

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I think he was referring to you and 34

Arsonnist 3

Apparently 59 doesn't believe threadjacking number disorder exists.

I wanna see 2 and 18 make babies

I agree with 194.

What a CAT-astrophe! Wait, wrong pun...

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Pun Fail

This is pup-posterous!

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Nothing lives forever.

yes, but its sad because it was only a little puppy.

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awwwww:( thats terrible.

I've run over a cat before :S

Kitteh Killer! O:< Damn you woman!

Hahahahah..... no. That wasn't even remotely funny.

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She didn't ask, she just told you it wasn't funny

haha wow reckless driving

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90 very uncalled for

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ohh fail.... D:

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poor doggy. D: