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  Ashley121645  |  0

im sorry but FUCK UR DAD! if he killed a puppy that puupy should come back as a ghost and run him over what a bitch lol ghost puppy...retarded. anyways dogs rule so if u kill 1, FUCK U!

  sc95060sc  |  0

r u seriously crying about how sad u r when u just hit a puppy.... who is hurt or dead, and has an owner who is going to be devastated? ydi for being a selfish brat

  redsoxlover09  |  0

ooh, that wud ruin my day, unless it was that puppy from Tom and jerry, his dad pissed me off so much!!! the cat didn't mean to do it!!! it's that stupid mouse teasing him!!!!!!

  BananaSticker  |  0

If you were sad, all you had to do was come to me and i'd give you a banana sticker.
Don't ya know banana stickers make EVERYTHING better?
So, Ima have to say YDI for not coming to me.
Now you're going to get fat AND you killed a dog. Shame on you!

Oh, and don't ever think of coming to me asking for one in the future. You are banned from my awesomeness forever!

  timma90  |  4

Poor fucking animal. ='( I actually couldn't give a rats arse about if a human being was hurt but I feel somewhat hurt if an helpless animal gets hurt - Only thing what brings a tear to my eye and reminds me that I'm still human and that I still have a heart. =(

  snydsey  |  0

Today, I was just doing my thaang and walking on a sidewalk when some douchebag eating ice cream came on the sidewalk and hit me. I'm just a puppy. FML.

  jearojas  |  4

oh dude that. blows.