By alejandro38 - 11/07/2010 14:44 - United States

Today, I had an interview. I didn't get the job because apparently customers might not understand me, since I "talk too good." I just graduated with an English degree. FML
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ArtIsResistance7 1

Maybe you offended the interviewer with your fancy jargon and flashy degree. Reach for new goals! Although, with an English degree, there isn't much hope.

zeebug 0

Actually, an English degree is very versatile. It can be used in almost all lines of work. It basically teaches you how to think well. You learn critical thinking skills, analytical skills, communication skills, and the ability to read and write well. All of the above are an important foundation for any career. The rest is just training, which most jobs do anyways.


Why do people insist on getting useless degrees?

BabyDacey 0

you go for a bad job like that, that's what you'll get (:

Thabb 0

3, you're an idiot. And the FML... WTF?

BabyDacey 0

how am I an idiot? he had a English degree

BabyDacey 0

how am I an idiot? he had a English degree

floppychang 0

Just watch MTV for 7 hours straight. You talk dis way dawg you know wat im sayin after you did done watchin it.

msyelowbubblegum 0

go for a better job... one that requirs an english degree??

maybe you shouldn't sound so superior.. like some people on this website... you know who you are.

msyelowbubblegum 0

go for a better job... one that requires an english degree???

English isn't a useless degree as such, you just need to do the extra work that makes it worthwhile, it just doesn't have an automatic application. I've just got my history degree, and am fully aware that the skills that come with it- research, report writing, deduction and reasoning, presentation, and debating etc aren't qualifications on their own. You've just got to be aware of the potential. Oh and I have no sympathy for you OP- my mum raised me with a ridiculously extensive vocabulary (she never did the baby talk thing), and I just had to learn to use it appropriately- which you should have learned from your degree :p

lol @25 en' dats fo sho mah nigga homie

Miso_Soupu 0

#54 is correct. People like to criticize those with liberal arts degrees because they are not intelligent or creative enough to understand the degrees' full potential. Liberal arts degree holders take longer to find employment than those with degrees in science or business but rise through the ranks more quickly than others. I have a liberal arts degree (political science) and I have never been without a job. I graduated with my Bachelor's and had a job waiting for me and had an even better job waiting for me when if finished my Master's. Talk to people without a liberal arts degree and they will tell you that's impossible. I know many in similar positions. Do not talk down to the OP because he has an English degree and is overqualified for certain jobs. He will find something worthwhile if he knows how to sell himself.

34 there is nothing wrong with having an education. WTF is wrong with someone wanting to errrr themselves? Christ, it's like being a moron is in vogue or something

emmanizzer 6

would you want to work for somebody you're probably smarter than anyway?

Don't apply to McDonald's next time.

White_Fury 0

70, I know plenty of people that graduate with degrees in engineering and business that have jobs waiting for them as soon as they graduate. It's usually the liberal arts majors that have trouble.

RyanG_21 0

apply for a job with higher standards instead of getting a job interview at Mcdonald's

94- That's exactly what we are saying. Engineering etc have ready made jobs- their degrees are essentially job training. What we are saying is that there are inherent skills taught by liberal arts degrees which have more universal application, and to get into a specific career you need to do specific extra training. A hell of a lot of politicians, civil servants, detectives, journalists and so forth took liberal arts degrees- they're hardly useless. The spirit of university education is not about getting a job. It may be easy to point and say art degrees have no practical application- for instance History of Art- but then how many bullshit scientific programmes are there out there? Neither is inherently useful. If that were the requirement for a degree, then all anyone would ever do would be farming and medicine.

95, why did you just totally reword my comment that's like, 2 up from yours? o_O You could've at least used KFC or something.

you tell them 115!! you've obviously put so much effort into sounding so cool and original, how dare they steal your thunder!! I mean, what kind of low life would steal from someone as talented as your good self?! the nerve of it!! especially when it was such a gem aswell! I mean, you must be the first person EVER to have made a joke about working for mcdonalds!! I am sure by now you have realised I was being sarcastic. grow up, you pleb.

Ahh, 123, the original "grow up" retort automatically said to anyone who looks under 25. I appreciate the time you took to think of that one, I really do. Oh also, that wasn't really a joke, but, thanks anyway. :)

that's why you don't apply for selling drugs... most of the people are fucked up.

it's "I talk to well" dr English degree

don't be sorry, they said it wrong aswell. it should be 'too'. ;)

it should also be 'speak' instead of 'talk' :)

nice try.. but I'm 19... so that kinda ruins your point really doesn't it.. the fact is if you really care about something so unimportant as someone stealing a joke off you (which may have happened inadvertently btw) that much, to the point where not only are you annoyed about it, but you actually bother to write another comment calling the person out on it then you are just plain and simple, one hell of a dick.

170, again it's really flattering you calling it a "joke" :D but really, it was only a statement, nothing fancy. Just mentioned it's odd to copy what the person just above you said, without anything to add of your own. But don't you worry about that, you just keep practicing your sarcasm. You'll get there eventually. :D

I know right?! it's really hard... I keep trying, but I guess we aren't all comedy geniuses like you....but there we are, practice makes perfect...

Yeah, guess I was just born a genius. :) No one can beat my McDonald's jokes, no sirree.

they aren't jokes, they're statements. get it right, jeez...

Ah, how fast you learn. There's hope for you after all.

I like to think so.. I mean.. my mommy calls me special all the time..

bugmenotmofo 34

Sounds like wherever he was trying to work, a GED would be considered "overqualified." Oh, additionally, the reason people with Liberal Arts degrees rise through the ranks is because "manager" is a euphemism for "lacking technical ability." That's not to say they're useless, just that title might not be the strongest argument.

Your statement implies that everyone with arts degrees lacks technical ability. Furthermore, you clearly understand little if you think that an arts degree particularly helps your graduation up the career ladder in industries such as sales and advertising. Coming from someone who has watched one parent and his partners sort through CVs I can assure you the nature of the degree itself in relation to management is of little consequence. It's all about the university, the level achieved (ie, 2:1) and other applicable skills such as fluency in other languages. For a career in many businesses, it doesn't matter that much whether you studied economics or history.

cknigh15 0

right on stevenmx86. why bother?! and I believe the term is "talk too WELL", not "talk too GOOD". stupid degrees that lead to zero career opportunities... ha ha

ArtIsResistance7 1

Maybe you offended the interviewer with your fancy jargon and flashy degree. Reach for new goals! Although, with an English degree, there isn't much hope.

LightningLadyy 0

I love your comments(:

cknigh15 0

flashy degree?... or pointless degree?

hobojo11 0

i ant herd no persons speek to good to get no job aroind heer you just got have two hand and least 8 fingers huray for the eliterit and the red neck

It seems your interviewer needs english lessons; it's "well" not "good." Maybe it was best you weren't hired?

yes and it is also speak not talk...

And it looks like you need inference skills. The reason the OP put it in quotes is to sic the guy for his horrible English. He was trying to highlight just how bad the interviewer's English is.

No humorizer, it looks like you need to read the full comment before responding. You basically just repeated what 4 said, you just overlooked where it says "interviewer" in 4's comment.

No, I don't. What I'm pointing out is that the OP himself already pointed out himself that the interviewer had bad grammar. Number four pretty much restated something that was pointed out purposely by the OP. That's like me stating "Oh man, I think you didn't get the job because the interviewer probably thought that your English was too good." Number four appears to have assumed that the OP didn't notice that the interviewer had bad grammar, so he felt compelled to point it out. The whole point of this FML is to point out just how stupid he had to make his grammar appear in order to be at the level of the interviewer. Nice attempt though, I'll give ya a nod.

Humorizer shut up, you lost. Stop being a bitch about it.

Rawrzie 0

sounds like someone wasted their years studying something for learning how to make yourself "talk too good."

that's retarded, he was just looking for a reason to not hire you

blo0_starZz 0

yeahh :p he was very jealous.. jealous enuf 2 gv his cat anal o.e

What do you expect. Most people can't understand proper english there too stupid. And were turning into Mexico anyway so alot of people don't even know english.

I don't know if your grammatical errors are intentional or if you're just stupid :|

adolf_bonaparte 0

that's why I am will have a major in Spanish and not English! :)

marie_yuh100 3

#7. well what do you mean that we are "turning" into Mexico? most "Americans" can't even speak Spanish. we "americans" don't have the government system they do. which mostly consists of government officials working with the mafia. yes, there is a mafia in Mexico. And just so you know, I am BILINGUAL and I know how to speak proper English and spanish. #18. sabes como estúpida hicistes que te miraras?

rallets 22

guess education is overrated

956TXking 0

19 not everyone who speaks Spanish is Mexican, dumb bitch.

Chrisskiies 0

7, and 11 are the ignorant pricks of the day. Congratulations for thinking every Spanish speaking person you encounter is a mexican. :D It shows how well educated you two are my friends, or should I say "amigos"? lmao

FFML_314 11

Chris, I wouldn't say 11 is ignorant because she didn't say anything about mexicans but, 7 and 19 sound rather ignorant. I'm slightly curious as to how people can turn into a country? I may be wrong but, that sounds impossible. I hope that people aren't really that idiotic and actually believe such garbage. I'm going to guess that, the majority of Americans can't speak Spanish. I know quite a few that can but, not many.

Chrisskiies 0

I meant 19, lol I glanced at 11 lol. Sorry.

FFML_314 11

I figured. You probably wouldn't have noticed so I had to come in and help. :P

Chrisskiies 0

Funny thing, my comment was first aimed at 19, but I went back and checked to see 7 so he/she can be included in it. lmao

FFML_314 11

Lol, nice! Ignorant people like that, are most likely miserable assholes. They never have a legitimate reason for being ignorant.

Chrisskiies 0

1. Have you asked them all to see if they are Mexican? 2. How do you know all they do is talk ish? 3. Tis not an assumption, it's a generalization of pretty much all the bs people say over and over. :D well you just answered one of my questions sobi take it back. lol Spaniard? lmao ok whatever you say. By the by, "ignorance is bliss"

FFML_314 11

So what? Most Americans talk shit in English? What exactly is the point you're trying to make here? I never said you were racist, I said you were ignorant, which you are. I'm not a child so, telling me to shut up is like telling me to go to my room. Pointless and not worth your time. You're arguement has no valid point behind it. You're getting upset about people "talking shit" in another language. Why? Is it because they're talking shit to you and you can't make out what they're saying? It really doesn't matter. You're ignorant. Wait, what was number 4? You seriously say "they are proud?" Of course they're proud! More people in this world should be proud of who they are and where they come from. You're obviously ashamed of it.

FFML_314 11

Lol, I'm not the one upset here. You have issues with people speaking spanish. Most people talk shit behind someones back anyway. Who cares if they're talking shit in spanish, get over it.

KiddNYC1O 20

#19- 1: you look Mexican 2: get off your high-horse. and 3: get over yourself. I've never read such an ignorant chain of explanations in my life. you're a disgrace

FFML_314 11

Agreed Kidd, she's so unaware of the fact that she's ignorant too. She tries to hide behind her first comment by calling us "trolls" and saying "it's just FML get over it" when originally, she claimed to be so pissed off about people talking shit in spanish. She will learn someday. It won't be anytime soon but, someday.

KiddNYC1O 20

Lol I don't like how she generalized her first sentence in comment 19, as if she were superior

FFML_314 11

I know.

Chrisskiies 0

Es que la nina mensa cree que es de sangre pura. :D

FFML_314 11

Chris, I'm going to out on a limb and say, yes! Lol, I'm probably wrong. I'm not very good at spanish as you already know lol!

what the he'll does that mean?

He said that the dumb girl thinks she's a pureblood (i.e. taking the metaphor to Viceroyalty times where the society was divided in ethnic groups and Spaniards were the most privileged. Hence why it's called "pureblood" in a satirical way).

Chrisskiies 0

145 got it right! congrats you get a nice round of applause from me :)

quackquackgopat 0

we can speak in Spanish whenever we feel like it, you don't like it learn it.

Toxxic_Blackout 0

I actually kinda agree about something with #19. Talking shit about someone in another language so that try can't understand you is just like talking about someone behind their and that is rude. I think you all wouldn't have been so upset if 19 hadn't said they were mexicans.

ha well it's good that you weren't hired by a bunch of retards. this is no fml

what the hell kinda job r u applying for?!

Xavi89 0

well that just sucks! u must live in the slums!

Crowcaller 5