By lonelyharts86 - Canada - Toronto
Today, I had an interview for my dream job. I was offered coffee and a donut. It was going well until I took a bite of the donut and started choking on it. I coughed so hard I ended up vomiting into his garbage can. FML
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  Dragunov95  |  1

The interviewer probably said "Learn to swallow, then we'll talk" or "Damn you can't even eat something with holes, how are you do eat cucumbers?"

  downtime  |  12

Have to agree with 4, if you didn't get the job then either it wasn't because you choked but rather because someone else was better suited or because the boss is a complete fuckwit. You wouldn't have to worry about a minor incident like that in a job interview, they know you're nervous and prone to doing stupid things like that. Only idiots would judge you on that.

  LoganBurrito  |  6

You don't have to take me so seriously, I thought it was funny too. I just assumed that making a joke about how you shouldn't deep throat a donut would clear that up.