By Kylene - 23/04/2009 19:51 - United States

Today, I had an interview for a job in a professor's lab. He seemed like a really nice, grandfatherly old guy. We got up to go take a look around the lab, and he held out his arms really wide to me... so I went in for a hug. Turns out he was just gesturing for me to go through the door first. FML
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FIRST! No, really though, i don't care.

hahahahaa lmao. awkwarrrrd

haha..the awkward hug

haha I have done that before , hahaha he was asking for a high five

so...what happens next?

OMG EVERYONE I POSTED FIRST IN A MESSAGE BOARD. Seriously, fuck right off. OP: Uh, he must have thought you were a weirdo. I'd never assume something like that unless he verbally said so. =/ Especially not in a professional setting.

no u didnt post first

rofl ! that's cute x]

Why on God's Green Earth would you think that a perfect stranger would want to hug you? That is the weirdest assumption EVER!

Aww! I think you're cute.

Yeah, I thought it was kinda cute too. Even if that wasn't very bright of the OP. :/

Hugs are not for professional never should have done that...

Good News Everyone!

I didn't .... wtf does it mean

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