By pained - 02/05/2014 00:23 - United States

Today, I had an ingrown toenail cut out, and the pain medication I received does not actually help with the pain. Instead, it makes me high, which results in me losing balance and slamming my injured toe into objects and then getting sick from that new pain. FML
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Sounds like the kind of situation that would keep you on your toes.

What medication are you taking? it sounds like it is not having the desired effect. Call your doc.


Sounds like the kind of situation that would keep you on your toes.

is he complaining about legally getting high?

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Now, this may alarm you, but there are people out there who don't enjoy being high.

Thank you, #80. Last time I was high was four years ago when I had my wisdom teeth cut out. I switched the narcotic the dentist gave me for an extra-strength Tylenol as soon as I could. I never understood how people get pleasure from being high. I hated it.

What medication are you taking? it sounds like it is not having the desired effect. Call your doc.

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I agree. As someone that has had 10 surgeries since Nov. '06, I can tell you with confidence that you need to call your Doctor and let him/her know what's going on and to request a different pain medication. Trust me, if you keep banging your toe, you are going to injure it to the point you will wind up back in the OR. And you really don't want that! I hope you feel better and heal soon, OP!!

euphoricness 28

That's what sucks about medication, you need more medication for the side effects and it just becomes a horrible chain!

Agreed. Imagine taking a medicine for a runny nose that gives a side effect of coughing. The doctor then prescribes a cough suppressant with a side effect of runny nose.

Then don't walk around after taking the meds. :p

Yeah, you're not actually supposed to stand up much after having an in-grown toenail op're supposed to lie around and keep it elevated. So this is probably the best advice really.

#21 i've had four ingrown toenail ops and never had that advice. i've always been told to clean it daily and soak it in salt water so it doesnt get infected, and not wear enclosed shoes for a few days. mind you, i've also never had one that also requires pain medication. i've always been told to take panadol if the pain is too much.

Oh, I had one a few years back and I had to keep it elevated for about two weeks so all the blood didn't go to my foot and open up the wound. Or so I was told. Don't really remember much pain medication...I think I had some but it wasn't super strong stuff. Probably just ibuprofen or something.

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I had three removed when I was a kid and I believe all they told me was not wearing enclosed shoes for a couple days lol. I never had any pain from it either, not sure why op is in so much pain from it.

Maybe you're allergic to it... I would return to your doctor for a follow up/:

if hé actually was allergic, trust me thé side effect wouldnt be like that and hé would have been hospitalized by now, its more likely that the desired effect arent Working proporly and hé might simply need to take another type of medication

Why do all your e letters in he have accent marks?

Actually no #35 that's not true at all. You can have a minor allergy to certain medications and it isn't something you need hospitalization for. If what you said about allergies was true everyone who was lactose intolerant would need immediate hospitalization for eating ice cream. Thankfully they just fart a lot and can still enjoy ice cream. Common sense, use it.

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Lactose intolerance isn't an allergy; rather, these individuals are missing the lactase enzyme that allows them to digest lactose.

I know how you feel OP I am currently having an ingrown nail, I was on a lot of anti biotics.

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You aren't believing hard enough...

You should definitely get your medication changed. I hope your toe gets better and the pain lesens.

Call or go to your doctor maybe he can change the medicine?

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