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Today, I had an important powerpoint presentation for ALL the big execs at work. It seems that during my lunch break, my boyfriend IMed me on my mac saying "Feeling so horny right now, come home for a quicky like last week?" I didn't see it until the presentation. So did the executives. FML
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  kionnalexus  |  0

She didn't see it until she was doing the presentation, READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT.

And this seriously sucks, that would be so embarrassing and just imagining what the execs thought about it would suck even worse.

  lakergurl91  |  0

@49 OP=Orignial Poster (the person who posted the FML)

@OP i feel sorry for you but i feel even worse for your boyfriend...he never got to have his "quicky" =( poor baby i hope you made it up to him when you got home=P

Smile Jesus loves you =)

  tubaguy42  |  0

Seriously... and if you're not at your computer you can at least minimize the program that way it's just in the dock (which you can also hide). if you know you have a big presentation in front of all the big names in your company, why would you even CONSIDER going on IM before you gave it?

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

it could've been MSN she was using, and while you can do the same thing with MSN, her mac could've been on "sleep" mode, meaning when she opened it back up (assuming it was a macbook), the IM program hadn't been properly turned off, allowing for the message to pop up once the computer is connected to the internet again.

  anglcdvl89  |  0

Actually a lot of companies use IM to communicate with workers in other buildings, states, countries, etc. For example, JP Morgan and some doctors with different offices use IM. We do where I work.