By unemployable - 05/12/2010 00:08 - United States

Today, I had an important job interview. The interviewer really seemed to like me. Instead of hiring me, he asked me out on a date. FML
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well at least he liked you


well, at least you came out with an offer.


peachezthelette 21

Did u at least get the job?

she did say instead...

So op, just say you'll fuck him fir the job!(: problem solved! jk don't do that.. unless ya want to

fakeaccountX 6

Maybe the date's part of the interview.

stupid op if you marry him you wont have to work. you can stay at home and cook

Yes, they're gonna sleep their way up the "company" ladder.

omg that's happened to me before actually I turned the job down and the interviewer kept calling me asking me out it was so awkward and unprofessional. i loved it!

your a fucking freak

melanie177 1

At least you got asked out

well at least he liked you

Thats what I was thinking. Least they got an egoboost about the interviewer liking them. If they are concerned about the job so badly though, they could always talk to Human Resources(depending on the job, some jobs HR handles hiring) about his misconduct and a potential new interview with a different staff member.

who is "they"

They can be used as a singular pronoun when done with anaphora(referrring to another), which in this instance I am referring to the OP.

Well you made a great impression at least!

Michael912 3

3- exactly what i was thinking

peachezthelette 21

true, but maybe she did..

aww 5 is that your baby??? :) congrats! I hope it's a healthy baby :)

I hope you said no


well, at least you came out with an offer.

put out and I bet you got the job!

That's definitely a winning attitude... Idiot.

xXBlAcKxWiDoWXx 0

OP, it's a win-win situation. :) Go for it.

bigphill1333 0

And this is a fml why?

That was just a Test... You failed it!