By meme71 - 21/02/2011 10:22

Today, I had an hour-long massage, meditated for while and was finally feeling good. Then I had to call an ambulance for my idiot father who had managed to get alcohol poisoning. FML
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Anyone who says OP is selfish has obviously never lived with someone who has alcoholism. It's extremely stressful, especially when they refuse to admit they have a problem and won't get help. And since OP is the one who had to call the ambulence I'm guessing she's also the one who usually ends up caring for his drunk ass when he's had a few too many. It's completely unfair for the father to put all that responsibility on his child, if anything I'd say he's the selfish one.

So a man walks into a bar... ...his alcoholism is destroying his family.


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From a massage...?

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You're a bad daughter for thinking that taking your father to the hospital is an FML. How dare he disturb your relaxing morning with his dying and all...

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Fuck you. Any father who drinks enough to give himself alcohol poisoning is a True piece of shit.

smart and good-looking win

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oh luck wif a dad like dat

Your dad's a moron.

Morons produce morality though... don't they?

Should have mailed a letter.

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wow it dads afucktard

Have you been drinking as well!?

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Well you could've let him die. Because that would be the alternitive if nobody got there in time. And that would've ruined more than your day.

Jheeze when will the parents grow up

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Every one should google your avatar IMO.

lol. dont do it!! at least not images..

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You could always have just introduced him to Mr Pukey and then gone back to your meditation.