By Still Waiting - United States - Wenatchee
Today, I had an appointment. After 2 hours of waiting in the sun, my mom finally picked me up and lectured me on how irresponsible my dad was for not communicating with her. Not 5 minutes after I got home, my dad showed up and gave me the same exact lecture about my mom. FML
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By  CYOA4Life  |  22

Love and marriage are over-rated. Swear love to one another few years later they "bitch and bicker", all the while forgetting why they got together in the first place. All to often it's the kids that get the "spill-off". Of coarse I don't not know your situation, and this is just my cynical opinion.

  thatweirdasian  |  22

Arguing is a part of all relationships, both before and after marriage. It doesn't necessarily mean they don't love each other anymore, or that they want to get a divorce. Ever heard of kiss and make up?

By  booman342  |  13

That wasn't right of them to do that. Parents when divorced or separated should NEVER use a child as a means of venting, or in bringing messages from one parent to the other. I'm sorry you're stuck in the middle of this.