By Lexi801 - 19/09/2014 01:56 - United States - Salt Lake City

Today, I had a volleyball game, and we were down by 13 points. I looked up at the crowd, and my mom was shaking her head in disappointment. When it was my turn to serve, I aced them, and tied the score. When I looked up she was gone. She'd left. When I got home, I heard how I sucked for an hour. FML
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CallMeWindSock 24

Well so much for parental support. Congrats on your ace though

Guess she was bad luck


CallMeWindSock 24

Well so much for parental support. Congrats on your ace though

This goes WAY beyond not supporting your child, OP's mom is a fackin bitch.

Laurenlou 24

40- Yeah, OP's mom is either jealous that her daughter is better than her or is just insanely stupid.

littleteapot 21

I hate parents like this. I played sports in high school and you'd see parents screaming at their kids for not performing "good enough." Sometimes it would get so bad that the coaches would have to step in.

uhhh_khakis 2

She needs a new mom

Guess she was bad luck

well tell her how you changed the match, might shut her up.

might not believe her since she went on for an hour about her sucking. the next hour thing might be "lying."

But then again how can the mom know for sure that her child sucked, when she didn't even stay for the whole game.

CallMeWindSock 24

Also: I don't see why a parent would be sincerely disappointed in their child for losing a game.

Because some parents are just assholes.

Maybe its one of those parents that are obsessed with a sport and yell at the TV when their team loses

Gotta live through their kids since they couldn't do it themselves.

Wow your mom's super competitive. I bet she's had a few fights at a softball game...

I always thought parents encouraged their kids at sports even if they weren't doing good.

Good parents do...

Make her listen to how she sucks for an hour, too

Reminds me of the time my mom came to one of my senior soccer games and I scored the only goal of my whole soccer career and after the game I went up to her and asked "did you see my goal?!" and she said no :p so I kind of know you how feel and I'm sorry :( but at least everyone who stayed knows what you did:)

How can you tie the score with an ace (which would be 3 points) when you're 13 points behind? Unless 13 was a typo, this is complete bullshit.

You seem to have too much time on your hands, and possibly a small anger problem. Perhaps you should take up a sport, like volleyball.

No, but they're right. Unless there's a different set of rules for a different kind of volleyball game; but you can't tie the score with one ace when you've got a 13 point difference. And even with an ace serve it's still just 1 point gained, not 3. At least, like I said, in the volleyball that I know and grew up with. So this fml has got me completely confused as to what the OP meant. Did they mean that they gained 13 points in a row, or their team caught up the last 12 and then tied it with their ace serve? Either way, that's a crappy mother to just a) walk out on the game and b) bitch about it later instead of comforting their kid.

I believe she scored more than one ace...

yoursucklives 36

the fml said, that the op "aced them". so i guess it was more than one serve.

Yeah number 11 i played volleyball for 14 years and i meant 1 point yes. Also 13 aces in a row? That seems hihgly unlikely.

Did you win the game?

Nope. Just tied