By anonymous - United States
Today, I had a volleyball game against our rivals. I hit myself in the face with the ball 3 times, fell flat on my face against the court, and later had an asthma attack with no inhaler in sight. We lost the game. FML
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  BlueTwist89  |  0

FYL for everything you mentioned, besides not having your inhaler.

YDI for not having your inhaler nearby when you even have the slightest possibility of having an asthma attack...

FYL for falling on your face, but why didn't you stick your hands out to break your fall? :/

  jizwiz  |  3

Looks like you like gettin balls in the face. When you fell on the ground you were just fakin it to get some desprete guy to stick his dick in yo ass then. Mayb if you werent fuckin men in the middle of the game you wouldnt have lost. Nice pussy btw. Yeah I was that guy (:


Actually, it is if You Think about it, then You lose, and every time you think of it you have to tell everyone around you so they lose it too! But you can only lose it once every hour.. or half hour... or something!
And they say they are waiting for someone to win.. somebody told me they have a prize and everything!