By MrZach - / Saturday 21 November 2009 23:21 / United States
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  mikeyfresh1  |  0

I have had numerous oral surgery done in my mouth and learned that you should wait 45 mins and then replace your gauze with new ones. Do that 2 to 4 times and you're good, but rinse your mouth a lot. And who stares at their computer screen with their mouth open? Well Novocain does wonders, I don't think you're computer is broken though.

  blland  |  0

I have had numerous oral surgery done in my mouth and learned that you don't get any treatment in china and people don't freak out there.

  Starchild21  |  3

thats why you keep that shit in there!

But how the hell do you not know you're drooling? I mean the kids mouth was open and everything, the gag reflex is still there


  betseyville  |  6

not true. i had 4 teeth removed in one day and the dentist said i could take the gauze out in one hour. i took it out in hour and fell asleep because of the pain medicine. i woke up to what looked like a murder scene in my bed, with blood on my pillows, sheets, shirt, and mouth. i ended up having to walk around the house carrying a grocery bag wherever i went because i would have to spit out the gauze almost every half hour because it would fill up with blood.

By  FerrariCake  |  2

But weren't your fingers wet from the few minutes that you drooled on them? You'd think you would have noticed that.

Next time just keep your mouth shut. That traps all the drool inside.

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