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  Today, I had a talk with my daughter about how I hope her first boyfriend is a special one because 'spending the night' with a boy is a big deal. She replied with a giggle, "Mom, I lost my virginity in a parking lot three years ago!" FML
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  Corey122726  |  17

I had a very open relationship with my mother about sex. When it had come down to the time I lost my virginity, although still pretty young at 14, she knew about it prior to and after the fact. I appreciated having a parent to talk to about these things without feeling like I would be yelled at, or disappoint them.... I feel like this helped me make better Decisions about who i laid down with and how we did it. I ended up not having kids until after I was married, and I feel my mother had a big roll in that. You can't stop them from doing it, so you're better off talking to them about it while they are young and pre-educating them. I know I will with my daughters when the time comes

By  jentrynicole  |  20

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  Oblivion239  |  21

@#109: Would you want your daughter or son having sex when they are around 12? Kids these days think that its nothing special and they would lose it too anyone. I find kids like these just sad. I myself am 17 now so am technically part of that generation but at least I know to make it special and with someone you really love.

  Aimeejasmine  |  15

#120 you do realise that virginity does not actually exist right? It's purely a social construct put in place to measure the value of women/potential wives for centuries back across the majority of cultures. What anyone decided to do with their bodies is there own business, how dare you attempt to shame someone for enjoying sex. Sex is not a sin anymore, we're not living in biblical times smh. If you want to be abstinent that's fine, just don't force your views down other peoples throats; whether you want to admit it or not sex is a primal pleasure and at the end of the day we all end up in a hole in the ground or ashes in a box. Enjoy life while you can and down shit on another person's parade. :)