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LMAO, nice. Imagine if someone heard you changing your pad in the bathroom... haha

How the hell do you get a cyst on your ass?


lol sucks for you

YDI for having an ass.

onfg I love popoman pic

I had to do exactly what op did... good thing is that I haven't had any since

see now u know how girls feel wearing those frickin uncomfortable things. lol

How the hell do you get a cyst on your ass?

pilonidal cyst You can get it from walking around a lot.. sweat and whatnot i only know what it is cause i have one :/ they SUCK

hey the names alex

Hey, the name's No One Gives A Shit.

It's called a pilonidal cyst and they're fairly common.

That must suck.

...I don't get it. You had surgery. You have an excuse.

The point is that he's a dude and has to wear a pad.

#2 - anything's possible. and to the OP , that really sucks. but atleast you have an excuse right ?

Now everyone knows how horrid they are for us girls !

Wow, that sucks. Thanks for letting me see my lunch again though!

Tell the boyfriend to lay off hammering that shit.

they couldn't give you any bandages?.....

that's a pen, btw.

If it secretes enough fluid for him to have to wear a maxi pad, I don't think a band aid would help very much.

Oooh, sucks for you!

hahaha, man that sucks big time!!!! FYL