By IEatDammit - 30/01/2009 03:26 - Canada

Today, I had a stomach virus, so I didn't eat anything. My new roommate asked me if I was anorexic and to prove I wasn't, I ate a sandwich in front of her... Only to go into the bathroom and throw it up later. She heard and now thinks I'm bulimic. FML
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Ngood7 0

Why didn't you just say you had a stomach virus?

Eir_fml 1

I like the name you posted with.


Eir_fml 1

I like the name you posted with.

i throw up cuz of acid reflux AND bulemia. i need to fix both

*reflex. I have that too btw, and I actually know how to spell it.

sk8ergirl553 0

it is acid reflux. not reflex.

32- reflex I like blocking when someone tries to hit you. You do it out of reflex. It's acids reflux. If you have it, you should now

Shadow0B 0

*shoots roomate* the 3 things I hate: Sticks and twigs People who starve others AND PPL WHO ACCUSE OTHERS OF STARVING THEMSELVES!

....because those are the only 2 options? I'm sorry you have to deal with her ignorance.

Ngood7 0

Why didn't you just say you had a stomach virus?

Maybe she did but they thought it was an excuse and OP just gave up amd ate a sandwich to prove she wasn't.

azzh0le 0

You're an idiot. Plain and simple.

FlippyFloppies 0

shitty to be you .


wow. i sorry you had to go through that but instead of eating the sandwich.....couldnt you just have told her you were sick. no need to say "stomach virus" or "stomach flu" just 'im sick...'

jrobbi7 0

go to a buffet with your roommate and pig out, that would be the best way to tell her you're not bulimic. FYL

Bulimics binge and then puke. So that would actually back up her assumption that the OP is bulimic. Anorexics do sometimes throw up their food just to get rid of calories, even after eating a small amount. I used to do that, with anorexia, recovering now though. :)

haha, poor you. but this is a problem you can easily fix.