By yeaokay - 29/10/2010 05:22 - United States

Today, I had a serious conversation with my dad about my brother and I. It started with, "I love you", and ended with, "You and your brother were mistakes." FML
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It could be worse. Credit your dad for taking ownership of his "mistakes" and being present in your lives.

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aw :| thats fuked up. wat an ass...


sappel 4

aw :| thats fuked up. wat an ass...

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sorry op, should've been swallowed

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OK, kids, it's FML PSA time again. *ahem* HEAR YE, HEAR YE: Asking someone to repeat a comment that was obviously against the rules is downright dumb. If you can't handle your burning curiosity, please PM either the original commenter or someone who replied to it for the content. Thank you.

Pretty sure OP didn't ask whether the condom broke, whether his mum didn't swallow, or whether the pill didn't work.

wow /hates on Josie and I ment how the conversation started like that and ended like that.. chill, yeah? :S

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cause the dad is a f*cking d*ck

3: Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.:)

I know this is off topic Maphine, but this kitty likes rawring too! (:

It could be worse. Credit your dad for taking ownership of his "mistakes" and being present in your lives.

I really can't picture how any of this went down..

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I feel you bro, I was a stronger swimmer than most too

sometimes it's not the destination, it's the journey. this especially applies to that conversation.

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Kick your old man in the nuts and then tell him it was just a mistake.

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This fml has way too many grammar mistakes.

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I hate when people act like just because it's the internet we should be subjected to their laziness. you are posting something in a typed medium for others to read. if you want me to read what you have to say about something, you could at least take the time to use proper grammar and maybe even proofread the damn thing before you hit send. I want to read what you have to say, but I don't want to have to play detective to figure out what the hell your illiterate ramblings are getting at. there are hundreds of tools at your disposal to help you if you need it. I understand sometimes people just make honest mistakes, but quit making excuses for laziness. learn the difference between you're and your, and it's and its, and don't post shit like "oichowitis" when you mean "oh I see how it is". If I wanted to solve a cryptogram, I'd pick up a newspaper. perhaps you should grab one as well so you can learn to spell. (disclaimer: this comment is not for any person in particular)

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Well said #28. I noticed they tried to fix the fml but it still contains an error. What a complete fail.

#32 if that was sarcasm...hilarious if you were very sad. short enough for you now?

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Remember that when your prospective employer discloses during the interview that they saw your ramblings on facebook and FML and will be using that during your evaluation. hmm.... maybe I'll post a fake FML about not getting a job because I posted illiterate FML comments.

#28 is an ass! While rambling on about grammar errors, he/she forgot several capitalizations. I hate grammar Nazis who fail to make their points by celebrating the very thing they are bitching about. You're an ass. If you give two ***** about grammar, become an English/Writing/Composition professor and make a difference there. Otherwise, if you'd rather read things that celebrate proper form and function of this (quickly dissolving) language, pick up a book and quit "wasting" your time on the literary puzzle that is the internet. Furthermore, quit wasting our time on your critique thereof. I enjoy proper grammar. it gives me hope when people take the time to write correctly (as you so clearly have not)... but I prefer to look past people's errors and enjoy their effort to share the other ways their lives are ******. Your superiority complex is annoying... and the ONLY reason I've taken aim at YOU is because you were so obtuse to presume the right to do so to the OP without paying mind to your own insufficiencies! And now I will accept my criticism for bustin' yo ballz!

Dallasgirl... I REALLY, REALLY doubt you will become a doctor... or that you are successfully posting a degree in any field. I cannot bring myself to believe that a respectable school would allow someone to graduate who doesn't know the difference between "stock" and "stalk" and that person would be encouraged to peruse a degree in medicine. I can't even imagine all of the poly-syllabic medical words you'd **** up if you can't even spell "stalk" correctly. Psuedostratified cilliated columnar epithelium.... or Pheochromocytoma... or BRAIN! You are gonna have to do better if you are gonna claim ranks amongst us medical professionals. The person you replied to sucks... but you don't get to tell him that unless you suck less than they do! Sorry, Sweetie! But keep trying... maybe, just MAYBE, you will achieve the dream of somebody believing your lies about being a biochem major with a respectable GPA! But you are REALLY gonna have to step up your game! Sorry!

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You mean "well THEN", right?!? Fail on your degree.

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Well then you don't have to feel too guilty when you put him in that nursing home.