By aldfgadfklbg - 13/03/2011 23:08 - United States

Today, I had a seizure. My dad responded by saying it always happens with my disease. I never have had a disease. Now I have to wait for my dad to stop yelling at my mom about not telling me, so I can ask what I have in the first place. FML
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i'm sorry, that's pretty fucked up.

Sounds like you need to have a big talk!


Sounds like you need to have a big talk!

I know what he has: Retardation, fairly common in most men.

he is a she js lol

Nice picture mr grinch I see we both like googling cute cat pictures

#98 hasn't gotten laid in years due to her sexism

She has, mad snail disease.....

Tickle-ish rib cage, severely untrimmed toenails, scratchy throat and finally you turn into A ZOMBIE!!!!!

Is the disease that you're ginger?

shhhhhhh... they don't have souls.

day walker maybe?

Actually, if that were the case the disease they would have is Gingervitis

26... kind of clever

29- It's from South Park.

2 that was uncalled for

53 must be a Ginger lol

hey hey I'm proud to be a ginger. if I have no soul that means I'll do what the fuck I like because I'm eternally damned so no matter what I do I'm know where I'm going. Soooo ill kill you. :)

haha noooo 60 is gonna kill us all! aahhhh! attack of the ginger :00000 run run run run!

its gonna eat us like OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM.... den we all died... then gingers will rule the world... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I love gingers:P and blondes. They make life interesting.

I'm Ginger, and I find all this funny, so STFU and man up.

i fucking love you for saying that my gosh thats exactly what i say "dont mess with gingers they have no morals"

i'm sorry, that's pretty fucked up.

How have you not known by now...

whenever she's had it she probably couldn't remember it. or they only used to happen when she was little

21, I love your username & picture! also, @ the fml, I can't stand shitty parents...

maybe her mum did told her but the disease is alzheimer.

24 DISTURBED!! m/ >.< m/

I have epilepsy and my first seizure was when I was twelve, you don't know right away.

Read 'shitty pants', instead of 'shitty parents'. Funniest thing. :'D

What's your disease what's your disease? Now I want to know!!

I really want to know now too!

I thought so too. What sucked even more is the fact my parents completely ignored the gluten free diet for 16 years of my life.

I hope your villi are ok.

i don't know why, but "i hope your villi are ok" really made me laugh.

I have epilepsey. It's not fun.

if you didnt know, hopefully it's not too bad?

I'm sorry... but how is it anyone can say that op deserved it???

I think some people hit "ydi" on all of them just to be obtuse.

That is not a relevant use of the word obtuse. I think you meant that they do that to intentionally cause annoyance or anger. Kind of like what I'm doing with this reply.

No, obtuse can also be used to say that one is lacking insight. Essentially, that just means they're acting (or they just are, naturally) stupid. It would be obtuse to click YDI on all of the FML's.

30 - WHY?!?! Why would you take a picture of yourself crapping?!

a) I wanted to, and b) I am perfectly aware of the common usage if obtuse, it was still used incorrectly. While going through and clicking YDI would be obtuse behavior, it would not be a person's intention to do it to be "obtuse." The intention of the person would be to aggravate people or something similar.

For further clarification, it would have been correct to say "they are just being obtuse" but it is incorrect in this context to say "they are just doing it to be obtuse."

47 - Thank you for finally clarifying that. I get in many heated debates with my english teacher about the use of the word "obtuse", but now that won't happen again. Also, I love you're picture lol

ezrabc no on wants to see the behind the scenes photos of you working your glory hole.

52, I find it funny you supposedly get in heated debates with your English teacher about "obtuse" when you can't even use the correct form of your/you're.

hahaha^^^^^ and are you really having a conversation about obtuse because that's not annoying at all........

sittin on da toilet.! lol

99-ahahahaha! I love that YouTube video! I went to watch it after I read your comment! oh the laughs Ive had...good times, good times...

I have clicked YDI on other FMLs on accident on my iPod. The little pop up thing for YDI or FYL are pretty close to each other and you can't click on it to take back an accidental vote.

@nynjapyrate people who accidentally push the wrong button I guess.

why couldn't your dad tell you? is your mom the only one who is responsible or even cares about you? I doubt your parents are the only ones who know. fyl

OP probably lives with their mother / their dad wasn't around when OP was a kid. I'm guessing it isn't a huge deal so OP's dad didn't even think she wouldn't know.

Sometimes when there is a problem, or a child needs a parental talk the mother deals with the issues of the daughter and the dad deals with the son. When i was growing up if my parents needed to tell me something serious my mom would always do it and my dad tended to handle my brothers.