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Today, I had a restraining order put on me. I have apparently been following a woman's daughter home after she leaves track practice and parking my car outside their home. I'm a math teacher at the school and leave everyday at 4:30. I have lived across the street for the past six years. FML
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  tikimuppet  |  11

Yea but it's outside HIS house too. There's no way that anyone is so stupid (even in america) that they would issue a restraining order in that situation. I call bs, also.

By  2345_fml  |  0

You guys are good. Every time I come to the site close to the time the FML shows up so I can annoy people by screaming "FIRST" there is always someone to post before me. You have to show up like the exact second it gets put on the page to do it.

  google_it  |  0

There's been two similar posts on FML just this year about people being accused of stalking, but they just live nearby... (search for 'restraining order' on FML). Paranoid America.

By  plexico  |  3

You bought the house across the street and became a math teacher at her school just so you could stalk her better? WOW, you are serious.

I hope she appreciates you.

Track practice? Sexy. Reminds me of a joke.

What's the difference between a girls' track team and a tribe of Pygmies?
One's a bunch of cunning runts. . .