By Anonymous / Monday 6 April 2009 05:07 / United States
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Stupid us money is all green. Here in canada our shits colored, like the heart deep down in every gunowning redneck american slob


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haha, nice #3, i liked it. Anyway....i'm not sure what this FML means? You paid a dollar for your meal or you tipped a dollar? I'm confused :S


5-the bill was 15$. he meant to put down 50$. he put the wrong bill on the table and instead put a 1$ bill on the table. so he didnt fully pay for the meal.


I think this is fake bc he would've gotten like arrested for not paying. plus he's a fucktard. really $50? she probably wouldnt have called idiot.

Man up, give her the dam fifty and say you are so sorry and want to make it up to her... ;) #5- he paid a buck for his meal.

His bill was $15. He wanted to leave $50 but instead left just a $1 for the whole bill. YDI dude. Always be in command of your money.

this one is definitely a winner. imagining the whole scene and feeling good for leaving 50 bucks and giving the number while paying 1/15th of the total and and.. haha. thanks for making my day.

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