By B - 31/01/2012 20:36 - Netherlands

Today, I had a quicky with my boyfriend, because his dad was about to pick him up. Afterwards, I texted: "Nice to meet your dad, hope we didn't look too heated." A few minutes later, he replied: "Great timing, he was holding my phone." FML
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In your boyfriends case, doesn't matter, had sex

GreenAppleDP 0

And this is why it's good to lock your phone with a pass code. That's entirely too awkward.


slushpup9696 12

Well now that's just unfortunate.

Is that why it's on FML?

^ This Mexican is really angry.

I'm not angry!!! DO I SEEM FUCKING ANGRY??!!!!!??!?

Well that's awkward.

I think it's more angry than awkward

67, that just reminds me of an angry Edward Cullen.

2, are you referring to the guy who traps people in corners in call of duty?

ChilledDubstepa 6

Yeah that is a quote from Kevin or zxnoregretzzxz but he doesn't do those videos anymore which is a shame because I found them funny. Now he mainly posts on his own channel and he is hilarious.

86 I'm disappointed in myself for how long it took me to get that I'm usually quick with puns and junk

The_Tool1 13

You guys are all tools.

9, may i see your greencard please.

GreenAppleDP 0

And this is why it's good to lock your phone with a pass code. That's entirely too awkward.

Whether he had a lock on his phone or not wouldn't have mattered if he was quickly showing his dad something on his phone. Just saying.

On an iPhone the text notification just pops up whether the phone is locked or not.

Cereal_Is_Good 5

45- You can set it so it doesn't show what the text says until you open it.

I didn't know this!!! That sounds useful how?

thepatty8474 10

Settings- Messages- Preview Message Ur welcome! :D

But he wouldn't have known to do that.. He didn't think she would send that or that his dad would have his phone.

Do you know how to change that?

My phone just does that automatically. No matter what I'm doing with my phone, whether it's on or off, when I get a text a little window saying "new message from ___" appears and I have to click "view" to actually see the message.

SettoFail 9

At least he didn't walk in on you

Touché, fellow cat.

leogirl95 12

At least he wasn't a marine who walked in on you.

Thought it was where the FML was headed after the first sentence

In your boyfriends case, doesn't matter, had sex

Her hand did.

23 - a quicky doesn't necessarily mean a hand job, could have just been quick sex.

You can have quickie cunnilingus... don't know why you'd want to, though.

Lol why just the boyfriend? Girls like sex too~

this ain't my dad this is a cell phone!

*me gusta troll face* >:D

rcloca 10

Nice timing! Bravo! - clap clap -

Ouch! Bad timing indeed. You know what they say, never have a quicky if it looks too tricky!

But it didn't look tricky! I thought it was as simple as inserting my (child-sized) penis!

You mean 'fun-sized'?

No. The woman don't have much fun. But the children...

flockz 19

i think it's the candy and chalkboard paint on the inside walls of your van that they have fun with...

I'm not touching this subject with a twenty and a half foot pole.

That awkward moment when your parents find out through a dirty text...

I don't know about awkward moment, Op should be straight up with his dad. "I'm having sex dad and that's it," said Op. (Always use jimmy caps children) :D *The More You Know*

"But heated could mean anything Dad!"

jeob1992 8

My dad would probably say "get er done" in this scenario

brock329 3

You mean " got her done"

Heated toast? I got nothing, seriously, this pun shit is hard. Here's one! Sounds like a heated situation OP. Zazang!

Message me

rangxp 2

Hey wudd up

Who cares what his dad thinks, as long as you had fun that all that matters!

Still embarrassing regardless of what the dad thinks.

omarzrgz 3

"He learned from me; talk to me when you want to go to the big leagues;)" -Bf's Dad. that's worst case scenario. c:

12 is such a cool rebel.

quite_bored 9

He learned from his dad? That's disturbing.

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What a hooker

First impression of you from his father must be fabulous! Hes probably really proud his son is getting some, don't worry