By B - Netherlands
  Today, I had a quicky with my boyfriend, because his dad was about to pick him up. Afterwards, I texted: "Nice to meet your dad, hope we didn't look too heated." A few minutes later, he replied: "Great timing, he was holding my phone." FML
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Yeah that is a quote from Kevin or zxnoregretzzxz but he doesn't do those videos anymore which is a shame because I found them funny. Now he mainly posts on his own channel and he is hilarious.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

My phone just does that automatically. No matter what I'm doing with my phone, whether it's on or off, when I get a text a little window saying "new message from ___" appears and I have to click "view" to actually see the message.

  LaughinStock  |  16

I don't know about awkward moment, Op should be straight up with his dad. "I'm having sex dad and that's it," said Op. (Always use jimmy caps children) :D

*The More You Know*