By katchoo - 03/11/2013 07:34 - Denmark

Today, I had a panic attack when a huge spider ran over my hand. I screamed, wailed, and killed it with a shoe while shouting. Ten minutes later, police slammed on my door. My neighbor called them, saying it sounded like someone was being murdered. FML
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Technically someone WAS being murdered. Spiders have feelings too. ;_:

kitkat2701 18

That must've been awkward to explain...


kitkat2701 18

That must've been awkward to explain...

The spiders will be coming for you OP

At least you have caring neighbours?..

umm… yes. "Your neighbor has a complaint about noses heard that sounded like someone was being murdered. May we come inside?" "Uhhh…"

Someone WAS being murdered. ;-)

Technically someone WAS being murdered. Spiders have feelings too. ;_:

In this case, the feeling is flatness.

caohm 18

when a spider of any size is that close to anyone its just primal instincts say CRUSH! KILL IT! SMASH IT! until you pulverized it so bad you can't tell what it used to be.

spiders are the spawn of Satan.

When you put it that way #2, then Op IS a murderer :0 CALL THE POLICE (again) THERE'S A MURDERER ON THE LOOSE!!!

154rct 7

"Hey, my family is cold, can we sleep in your bed tonight? Or squish my wife...that's cool to."

OP: "Why am I going to jail?! I didn't murder anybody!" Police: "Yes you did. The spider."

Wizzlbang 10

Actually, the fear of spiders and most insects is a largely culturebound thing, largely restricted to the western world. Which is weird, considering that's where all the most harmless spiders are.

ah, the webs we weave...

"What a tangled web we weave"

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Tikmysta 20

Oh no, you didn't Brilliant!

karatekid97 17

Okay, I feel like a follow up story is DEFINITELY needed here.

Confucius say no use cannon ball to kill mosquito. The point? You over reacted. :p At least using a cannon can justify having several minutes of drama attached to the actual act. ;P

i feel like every single person on this site has anxiety.

Confucius is why I'm failing history, why does he have to be so complicated!!

poor spider

incy wincy will climb up the water spout no more. RIP. :(

No just the spider....

transcedental 18

I can imagine the white outline of the spider's tiny smashed legs.. and how the police officers examine the murder weapon. Heh-eh.. what's wrong with me.

Cause of death: blunt force trauma.

Aussieinusa 5

I wonder if the police took Ops fingerprints?

They had to check the mandible records of the deceased so they could inform the family. Tragic, absolutely tragic.

KVKdragon 26

I imagine a highly publicized trial will take place soon after. This is not a Stand Your Ground situation since the spider merely walked by without criminal intent or purpose and the OP killed it in cold blood ;)

saraitkddh 47

I would have done the same bugs scare the hell out of me

fooltemptress 36

I would love to see the look on the officers' and your neighbor's faces when you explain what really happened.