By kirstiexoxo - 07/02/2012 08:11 - United States

Today, I had a package stolen from my porch. It was a shipment of customized M and M's for a Valentine's gift. I spent $60 for someone else to eat "I love you" messages. FML
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It's the thought that counts. ;)

thinkPlNK 0

those Eminem's should have only cost you 50 cent. but because they cost you $60, that's Ludacris!


It's the thought that counts. ;)

Ive ways wanted someone to buy me personalised m&ms.

At least he didn't rob your house OP

thinkPlNK 0

those Eminem's should have only cost you 50 cent. but because they cost you $60, that's Ludacris!

They didnt take your car. Or your valuables. Or anything of value. Chocalate is the least of your worries

60$ worth of chocolate is pretty valuable to me.

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

The jerks these days! At least it's not too late to prepare something equally as special as the candy. OP can get creative!

It would be funny if OP was dating a guy named Rob.

sonrisapreciosa 6

Ah I hope the ones I sent to my Valentine didn't get stolen!!

well try seeing if calling the company saying you didnt recieve it would work..then again they would give you a hard time :/

im just saying

angelbabyg1994 0

40 I'd ask for at least a Nickelback... :)

43, Oh right, why are they complaining about a theft if it wasn't excessively expensive! First world problems, right? Yeah, now give me the entire contents of your wallet, which if it's less than 20 grand you better not complain about. Dickhead.

Hey, at least you made someone happy!

Yeah, a piece of shit thief!

2- what the deuce!! OP have paid to make her love happy, not to make some random thief happy!! O.o

Maybe he was low on bloodsugar? Or Maybe he was just an asshole.

Or maybe it's maybeline?

csickcman 11

Yeah... Someone that will never give him a BJ...

TheDarkPassenger 0

Indeed someone is very happy

iiFrench_Fries 5

Asshole ahah

GovernorGeneral 8

83- LOOOLLLL. "Maybe its maybeline" haha. Nice one :')

jssninja 4

So it's pretty cool you learning English

sorry OP :/ ill bring them back next year. prepared to be thumbed down in 5...4...3...2...1...0

That sucks OP…

That's why it's on FML.

CockAsian 14

If I had a dollar for every time I saw this comment. I'd been a rich man.

Cml3996 12

There's your random act of kindness for the day!

chubby_choco 17

Odd how random acts of kindness never happen to the people who deserve them.

You spent 60 bucks on candy? WTF.

RoseTintMyWorld 8

I have to agree. I've always thought that personalized M&Ms were a little pricey. But it's still a nice gift idea if money isn't an issue.

Don't hate because you don't think that special someone in your life is worth $60...

EffinToofer 3

I would spend the money on something that will last longer than M and M's. That's just me.

EffinToofer 3

This is why America is fat and broke. OP could have gotten a nice bracelet or necklace for sixty bucks. That would have made a longer lasting memory and could have been something to pass down to future children. Obviously OP isn't rich or they would not have to complain about losing the money on FML. They didn't deserve to have their things stolen at all, I'm just stating my own opinion- that 60 dollars is a lot for M and M's.

Where do you buy a bracelet for $60?

113, Why would they buy a "nice bracelet" if that's not what they wanted? You could have put money toward getting yourself an education so you wouldn't make such idiotic statements but instead you got a device that helps you connect to the internet. In my mind you made the wrong decision. Isn't it helpful to know what I think of your purchasing choices? I'm glad you agree.

EffinToofer 3

Just explaining why I agree with 5 and 17. And I was assuming the OP was just buying a random gift. And this website is all about opinions, guy. Calm down. You've never met me and assume I'm an idiot just because I don't share your opinion.

Congratulations on having an opinion. Sadly though, having an opinion doesn't suddenly make you immune to judgements from others. I know, shocking. Deal with it.

Don't stress :) tell your partner what you had planned to do! I'm sure they would be thankful that you actually got them something and made it so special.

Since when do you buy your parents items for valentines day?

xStaciexLynnx 15

Derp. Reading fail, 49.

Thanks for clearing that up 51, I guess it's because she referred to her partner as "they" and "them", which made me subconsciously read partner :p she could have just said "him"

She didn't use the words "they" or "them" to refer to her partner.

Uhhh, #6 actually did...

RedPillSucks 31

Sometimes they is used as a generic singular. It's obscure.

I didn't say him because this girl could be dating a girl..

palahniukpaul 6

At least It made someone happy:)


You look pretty happy!

He looks pretty happy in a very creepy sort of way. Imagine awakening to that face just staring at you... I'd shit myself out of fear.

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

Your face kinda scares me....

infaith 5

lol Devine body pic was under this dude and it looked like this persons face was devins

Devin91 20

In a long time from now you'll look back at this and laugh

I don't see the humor in having an expensive Valentines gift stolen.

pippa08 0

dude customized M&Ms?? that is AWESOME!! Your a legend xD

unagi_fml 9

That's what the guy who stole your package said!

That sucks OP I feel sorry for you!