By MissYouPieceOfSkin - 27/11/2013 08:44 - United States - Kirkland

Today, I had a nightmare in which I was haunted by the ghost of my foreskin. I then spent the whole day moping around, wondering what my life would've been like if my parents hadn't opted to slice it off. Will I see you in heaven, long-lost ghostly foreskin? FML
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Your foreskin was... alive? Circumcision guilt?

robbins28 7

What the hell?


robbins28 7

What the hell?

This is just so hard to imagine. What did the ghost even look like? A floating piece of skin or did it look like op just with skin on his dick?

My thoughts exactly. Who the hell would ever think about something like that? Except for OP, obviously..

I get over my nightmare easily. I just wouldn't be one to mope around all day still thinking about. . foreskin.

It's one thing to dream about weird things. It's another thing to mope about said weird dream all day.

Yah, at first I was like "What the fuck OP? Don't you mean ex foreskin?"

this is the weirdest messed up stuff ive ever heard!

you sir, need a hobby

coldkilla70 9

No more lsd before bed.

incoherentrmblr 21

What in the literal f**k?!?... Please tell me this is the mayor of Toronto...

#45 I dreamed about me in a car as an adult with a bunch of guys who I guess were my friends. Then we saw a rainbow, a double ranbow, a triple rainbow, and then a quadruple rainbow. That's when I saw a creepy clown face in the sky smiling with yellow teeth. I told the man who was driving about it when he asked me if I knew what that meant. He then said it meant Judas was done and then the car sped up and drove so fast there were orange light streaks. Then we crashed into a bridge and I woke up with my back feeling like it was asleep. Soyes I have dreamt of some weird ass shit.

You obviously have not been tainted the the actions of a circumcision thus don't have shit to relate to this

Your foreskin was... alive? Circumcision guilt?

His foreskin could actually be alive. The chopped off skin sometimes get used for skin grafting in surgery patients. The foreskin lives on...elsewhere... that's way spookier!!

Putting the term "dick head" to more literal use.

summerguy97 16

If he's having circumcision guilt he could look at Foregen. Basically, they're raising money to be able to research growing your foreskin back with stem cells.

Fitted on a guy called Richard Head. That would be quite poetic.

replacement eyelids- poor guy was cockeyed ever since

raspberryboo 10

so people are walking around with dick on their face smh sad life

200, that gives a WHOLE new meaning to the term sticky-eye.

I laughed so hard at this FML.

Wizardo 33

At first it was all the actual fuck did I read? But then you start to appreciate the prose and the wonder left by the FML. 10/10 hope OP's foreskin is in a well lubed place.

OP, what the fuck kind of drug are you on today? Seeing unicorns is one thing, but seeing the demonic ghostly image of your foreskin is just going hardcore.

DenBriZel 31

Something makes me think this is a joke, and a stab at the people who say guys will be mad at their parents, or wish they still had foreskin, in their argument against circumcision.

This FML is pretty much David Cage's wet dream...

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SrakaSrakasta 20

Keep telling that to yourself.

Why should he trust you?

how? did you know it actually contains a significant amount of nerve endings? guys with a foreskin can experience more in sex. And it helps protect against certain STD's. There is really no good reason to cut it off

RedPillSucks 31

There's plenty of proof that the foreskin increases the chances of STD transmission as it introduces more areas for stuff to hide in, irrespective of hygiene.

@27 cleaning it is easy, just wipe around. i just don't get why people cut it off? And it can increase the risk of certain STD's but it also lowers the risk of others. It does contain a lot of nerve endings as well. Lacy Green has a great video on the pro's and con's.

Octwo 16

Saying there's "plenty of proof" is not itself proof. Provide said proof or do not comment.

@36, i really agree. and i think the main issue here is that the baby cannot consent. If a grown man wanted to cut it off I would be fine with it. It is more that the parents shouldn't permanently alter a kid's genitalia based on, at best, minimal concerns

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@53 because loosing sexual pleasure isn't a draw back...?

DKjazz 20

I never thought I'd see THIS debate on FML. Surely now I've seen it all.

Emaknz 5

@58 yes, a circumcised guy is less sensitive, but that also means he can last longer during sex and has more self control when it comes to sexual situations.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

58- If you never had foreskin to remember having sex with in the first place, then you wouldn't really know what you're "missing out on."

@ 71 Great, so let's cut of a female's clitoris as a baby because she won't remember what she is missing :) yeah... that makes sense.

@66 and if you are happy to be circumcised, that is great! But shouldn't we let a person choose about what happens to their own body? I am just saying that a parent has no right to permanently alter their kid's genitalia

Foreskin is equal to a clit? What? Everything I know and enjoy from sex is a lie!

sourgirl101 28

Getting my son circumcised as a baby was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make for him at the time. The nurses all ganged up on me making me feel as if I was the worst mother if I mutilated my new born (according to them, it's no long viewed to have any health benefits as long as you keep it cleaned). We opted to do it anyways because my husband had medical problems and had it done when he was 4. He still remembers the pain and didn't want our son to have to deal "if" there were problems. Unfortunately, years later, my nephew had complication with his procedure. The doctor cut too much and it didn't heal properly. Every growth spurt, he has to get skin grafts from the back of his thighs to add on and it'll continue until past adulthood. There are pros and cons on both sides. It is a surgery after all.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

72, that's just fucking stupid. Cutting off the clit and being circumcised are way fucking different. Some parents do it for religious purposes, and other do it for hygienic purposes. Yes, I know in some batshit crazy religions they remove the clitorus because sex isn't supposed to feel good, just practiced for procreation. What I'm saying though is that foreskin and the clit are not even closely related by any fucking means.

will you just shut the fuck up?

@84 if you read what i was replying to, you will see that the guy had said that since a baby can't remember lost pleasure, then it doesn't matter. I was simply saying that logic doesn't make sense. think before you comment, i never said they were the same

Uh, Lacy Green has a huge obsession with fore skin. I have no idea why. But I see no problems with getting rid of fore skin. I plan to have it done when my son is born. And if he gets older, and doesn't like it, he can go have surgery to get skin graphed onto his penis to make it look like it never happened. You guys are fighting over nothing but each others opinions. It's stupid.

There's zero reason to have the foreskin removed. You could seriously damage the person in the process.....

Actually 84 they are pretty similar. Removing the clitoris is more like cutting off the entire head of the male member, though so it has a higher chance of bleed outs and removes nearly all sensation. Both practices are extremely barbaric, however, and the fact that one is considered normal and acceptable to be forced onto an infant is just sickening. The child still feels all that pain even if they don't have a complete memory of it.

Actually there are. Scarring, discoloration, loss of pleasure are all common side effects. Infection of the open wound (that gets peed and pooped on), pain, and even death can happen. There was a recent story on the news of a baby who ha to have his penis removed after his circ was botched. Very sad.

(#98) You do understand that sticking a random piece of body skin on your penis is not the same as actually having a nerve ending-rich part of your penis??

I had my son circumcised and I am too. I don't understand people who say it's mutilation.

whiteboy896 9

I think I lost a couple of brain cells reading this argument.

You've really made a fool of yourself, edanielleh.

@ 162 You are free to disagree with me, but I am a strong advocate for sex rights and I believe what i said. I did stop replying eventually, mainly because nobody wants to read a huge argument. But i do feel the need to reply to this. I'm not ashamed of my beliefs

So if you'd be wiling to let him get a skin graph if he didn't like it, what's the point in getting it done in the first place? Just wait until he can make the decision himself. It'd be a lot less hassle for him, he'd probably appreciate it.

The clitoral hood is a better analogy to the foreskin. But the point is the same - We don't modify female genitals when girls are born, so we shouldn't force circumcision on newborn boys either. It's just not necessary, and everyone has a right to their own body and should be able to make the decision for themselves.

@edaneilleh/#168 what I don not get is why your arguing so hard To defend a part that you don't own? (maybe your a tranny don't know) but you are a girl so why you arguing about something you don't have and probably don't understand? There are many cons to having foreskin for example you can get bacteria under the foreskin or it can rip off during sex or masturbation which can be very painful but of course to don't have a penis ( again dont know if you're a tranny or not) so you wouldn't know what it feels like

fluffywaspluka 7

#156 Definition of mutilate: 1. To deprive of a limb or an essential part; cripple. 2. To disfigure by damaging irreparably.

My friend chose adult circumcision and as a male who has experienced both sides of the issue he is much happier having had it done. The extra sensation during sex isn't all pleasure. There more but it's almost like pulling at the rest of the penis, according to him. Also he tore his foreskin once during sex. His perspective was that he wish his parents had done it and has had his son circumcised.

fluffywaspluka 7

#53 You're argument is useless. Tradition? So what? In Denmark they have a tradition where young men go to the beach and lure the dolphins in to “play”, and then murder them to prove their maturity. Tradition doesn't make an idiotic act any less idotic.

My two-cents *throws confetti* There's plenty of good reasons to circumcise a child. Most of them starting medically. If the foreskin is too tight and you can't get it to loosen (through massage and such) you can't retract it to clean and urine amongst other stuff will be trapped. That's nasty as fuck for everyone involved. Then comes Religion, Tradition and even just personal beliefs. TL; DR. There's no non medical reason a foreskin needs to be removed. But personally I don't think it's wrong either way.

fluffywaspluka 7

#182, That's fine, he may be perfectly happy with that. But it's not his choice to allow an irreversible bodily mutilation to be done his child.

RedPillSucks 31

Sigh... Google American Association of Pediatric, and circumcision. I didn't think to add since it's so easy to check out

TheDrifter 23

This is a fun conversation. I'm going to start suggesting to expectant mothers that they should have their daughters circumcised too. In the name of cleanliness and better looking vaginas for the next generation. That's bound to be a fun conversation.

haileyshelton 14

84, during sex changes for women, the women are given pills to help grow the clit into a penis. The clit essentially becomes the head. I know it's not the same as the foreskin, but there are definitely similarities.

It seems Americans are really the only ones who circumcise for non-religious reasons. It used to happen in Canada, but not so much anymore and it's much rarer in Europe. I don't like the idea of any unnecessary procedure being performed on a child, particularly for aesthetic reasons. I'm glad my parents didn't pierce my ears when I was a baby (I had it done at 16), and I wouldn't circumcise my child unless he clearly had a case of phimosis by the time the foreskin was supposed to be retracted. You don't immediately hack off any other tissue because of the chance of a problem later without really good reason.

Geez controversy on this fml.

#66 no, no, and most certainly no.

I have many nephews that have been circumcised, and every single one of them slept through the whole procedure.

#61- Not yet.

wow. this is one of the most heated debates I have ever witnessed.

It's impossible for them to sleep through the procedure unless they were put under for the procedure which they don't do because it is incredibly dangerous to do so. It's more likely that they went into shock and their little bodies shut down because they couldn't handle the pain anymore. Shock looks like a peaceful state but I can assure you, your nephews were in a tremendous amount of pain. It's also likely that the nurse just told your sister or brother that they sleep right through it when they didn't. Nurses are often told to tell parents this even when it's not true or else they can lose their job.

#168 My boyfriend was circumcised this year and he said he wished he'd had it done sooner as the pleasure was more intense and amazing. You should probably stop trying to sound like you know everything, you're making yourself look pretty silly. Also, he had it removed because his foreskin was too tight. It caused him a lot of pain. There are very valid reasons to have it removed, it's not all about aesthetics.

279 is uninformed

That's called going into shock, dear

So permanently removing a sensitive part of an important organ isn't mutilation? Cool, #156.

Sorry, but how dumb are you? You're going to circumcise your son and then tell him to get skin grafts to restore his foreskin? Here's a radical idea: LEAVE HIS D**K ALONE!

Hey you can always find out.... Heh

XxWormFoodxX 14

That sounds like the kind of dream I'd have after smoking weed.

High dreams are so vivid

Dreaming when high is the best!

More like after doing PCP...

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I don't know about you guys but back in my toking days I didn't remember shit after falling asleep. 5 HTP makes you have some seriously fucked up dreams though. I used the stuff to replenish my serotonin after a night of "fun". Dreaming on that stuff was like a mushroom trip. Crazy realistic dreams. Sometimes I'd wake up and just mutter "What the fuck just happened?"

cheshirecat13242 32

Haunted by foreskin, eh..? "Who ya gonna call?" Definitely in the top 10 strangest FMLs.

"Who goin' call...?" not Ghostbusters.

I stand ready at a moment's notice. If the OP wants, I'll try and catch the ghost of his foreskin so it can be put to rest.

bfsd42 20

But bill, there's no way you can do it by yourself. You need your whole crew to defeat the ghostly foreskin.

Time to call Skinbusters.

Cor1nn4 10

Da fuck did I just read..

my thoughts exactly.

mimiminx 23

The most stupid FML ever published...

What the hell is this?