By bm128902 - United States
Today, I had a meeting at work. My boss was going around saying that she tries to give time off to the other managers so they can spend time with their family and significant others. She looked at me and said she doesn't for me because I have no one special to spend time with. FML
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  wolfe37  |  0

i agree. i cant stand the judegements on single people. some people like being single. and if they're so concerned for you maybe they should give you time off to go meet someone.

  genius_man16  |  0

No joke #13. I'd go to her superiors and try to get her into trouble. At the very least that's some form of discrimination. What if you had some belief that said you can't have a significant other until you were 30 or something? (yes i'm assuming age to prove a point)

Bottom line, she can't do that. Or more specifically, she can't give everyone else time off and not you for such a stupid reason as "you have no one to hang out with".

By  Cristaderzi  |  0

Oh but she was in her rights!!!
Being single tells us that your wierd and unstable...
And have nothing to live for/lose...
Go out find someone,and look better socially.

  Gruffy  |  0

funny, but i dont think meeting some lonely guy in the park is the answer...he's prolly the same drunk that exposed himself to a 4-year old's birthday party :D

  pmk138  |  0

#12 is pure epicness...:D

to OP: boss was way out of line and i'm sure u can get time off without having a significant other. either complain to ur boss or boss' boss or just live with it. i'd complain :P