By asdfjkl - 06/09/2009 17:27 - United States

Today, I had a long, meaningful telephone conversation. After hanging up, I realized I hadn't had such a great conversation in a long time. Who was it with? The Dell Customer Support guy. FML
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Ligerie 0

So call his ass back and ask him out.

Customer service guys are people too!


That is beyond sad. I wonder what you guys talked about..

I_ate_pikachu 0

3rd! Btw, thats not too bad... Dell support guys are people too.

They can be really helpful...sometimes.

Yeah. What the hell would you talk about with him? LMFAO. You probably just complained about your problems.

And now you have a new friend. Not much to complain about.

cenafan 0

Hey those guys are pretty friendly!

Ligerie 0

So call his ass back and ask him out.

FlaminYawn 0

fuckin Indians. When companies outsource to India, that's when I quit using that company. My last convo with the Indian at Dell went like this..My D Drive is gone, it's Gone-D. He said " well, it's not a D drive, u can name it anything u want.". I said "Well we'll name it the N Drive, I can't put anything in-de-N drive".

pr0digy1 0

You are a fucking moron.

the_stereotype 0

umm...yeah...fuck you, eat shit, and die in a fucking hell hole

Customer service guys are people too!

Im in the same situation and i feel like shit