By ADH2000 - 09/03/2009 22:45 - United States

Today, I had a job interview. I stopped to take a pee in the lobby before I went in. I relaxed a bit too much at the urinal and accidentally farted. I chuckled about it like a 5-year old for a few seconds. The guy that had been next to me at the urinal was the interviewer. FML
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bghernandez2011 14

I wouldn't need a job if that were the case... Lol


wait you were peeing in the lobby? Why was there a urinal in the lobby?

someone2me2 1

The bathrooms located in the lobby area american

LOL This made me chuckle like a 5 year old

metalfan333 0

lol YDI for takin a piss in the lobby

43, op is from NY you hair diaper

Your lobby doesn't have one?

it happens to everyone.

It really doesn't.

farts are funny. be proud of any noise that comes out of your body.

Gatsby208 0

That made me laugh

shit, that's the kind of thing that would happen to me... i hope the interviewer had our kind of sense of humor, especially in THIS job market lol

Hahaha. That made me lol :) I hope he had a sense of humor.. if I were interviewing you, it would certainly have helped you in your application :P

I hope that didn't affect your interview! Technically, he wasn't interviewing you on your bodily "exchanges" and "reactions," unless you were applying to be a corpse.

yeahreally 6

LOL well if i heard you giggle i would giggled too..

that would have been funny to be that interviewer: ur peeing right next to the guy you're gonna interview. he farts and starts giggling at the fact that he farted. wtf!!

He probably didn't find it funny.

everybody farts, and at times of stress, you need a laugh.