By greenintheface / Saturday 30 April 2011 06:27 / United States
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I would just divorce him and take all of his money if the ASSHOLE is gonna be that way and not take care of you the FUCK HIM he can make his own damn dinner every nite for the rest of his life


You shouldn't even bother with marriage, then. And be glad that this isn't 1940. Back then, your only job would've been to stay home and make dinner for the hubby when he comes back from work. Also, you couldn't even wear pants. Yeah.

  Jonny_Trump  |  0

Actually women started entering the workforce in the 40's. So that wouldn't be too horrible.

And yeah, 93, way to go overboard. Plus, unless he cheated on her with another woman, she'd get half of their shared possessions, not everything. Which could be a loss for her if she makes more than him. :/

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