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Did he give you the small pleasure of a million orgasms?

To be honest I wouldn't stop laughing either. That man is a joke lol


Did he give you the small pleasure of a million orgasms?

Anyone that can't manage this feat is a lightweight and a loser.

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Great insight there. Really in depth.

This is an ideal top comment. So witty. So tactful.

I'm fucking dying!

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He is a joke but that dream is something I would have taken to the grave.

Almost one year later and now he's our president-elect. Hahaha hahahaha ha ha. Ha. h-*cries*

Sorry, I have to side with your boyfriend here. That's pretty damn funny. But I also understand how it could be mortifying. Don't take it too seriously. Dreams are different from being drunk. Being drunk makes you really honest. Dreams on the other hand have no concern for honesty or lies, they're just random thoughts crashing together and your brain interpreting them in funny ways. Sometimes there's a pattern, and sometimes that pattern is just "You happened to see Donald Trump's picture for all of 0.1 seconds and had a little action with your boyfriend the day before."


@23 What? It's simple enough

@23 Are you confused?

Dreams are so strange sometimes... I know how you feel. I once dreamt that I had sex with George Bush. FML

I don't know which dream is worse..... OPs or yours...

OP's. They may both be idiots, but at least George Bush was a decent human being.

#68 He let 9/11 happen despite multiple warnings, and then got the country into a pointless war.

@76 yeah, but... Donald Trump *shudders*

So did you get the job or were you fired?

Close...she was actually deported.

Ivanka Trump? Is that you?

Now THAT I can dream about

Why did you even tell him...?

She probably woke up screaming with a dream like that lol.

when your partner isn't overly jealous it's quite usual/ok to tell them about your sex dreams. it can be hot - or in this case just funny.

Making America great again, heh?

That hair though. What a hunk.

this is the best thing I've ever read tbh. I'm so sorry that happened though