By slickrick22 - 27/02/2012 02:43 - United States

Today, I had a dream about the damn cappuccino machine at work. FML
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Does it have an evil grin? Or was it a wet dream, make sure not to 'frapé' too hard! You might mocha latte in your pants.


PaperCandles 0

Ok? First world problems. Damn those awesome machines that outpour caffeinated goodness!

1-First world problem if there ever was one. I'm not sure dreaming about coffee makers is such a bad thing. A strange fetish, but we all have one or two of those. OP, if I were you, I'd embrace the dream. Luckily, Sigmund Freud isn't analyzing your dreams for further meaning. Inception, anyone?

indielove 13

Was "Sexy and I know it" playing in the background?

n_epic_fail 14

God that's some good cream...

Inheritance 10

Make yourself a cockuchino ;)

that's not even bad. I dream about making lattes and steamers at Starbucks close to every night

We all wish we had one at home, but it sounds like your desires have grown to an unhealthy level.

icrest80 4

Ya he probably woke up and his sheets were wet

Sounds like a literal wet dream. Romanticizing about the coffee machine again, eh? Well, it did look very nice today.

If you have too much caffeine you might crappaccino in your pants!

Dammit, 33. Right when things were just starting to get steamy.

Does it have an evil grin? Or was it a wet dream, make sure not to 'frapé' too hard! You might mocha latte in your pants.

Da_Bauss435 8

I dream about cappuccino machines nearly every night, what's wrong with this?

cjcstuart 7

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it:)

Calm their **** and deep throat a cactus?! Ahahahaha!

Shafreeka 8

I had a dream that zoo full of animals attacked me and I flew away with some green alien, mutant. I know. I don't understand either.

makowiec 11

That somehow made me laugh xD

I had a dream that I raped a giant African man's corpse. I also had a dream that grey mouse/humans were attacking the city eating humans like kids trick-or-treating and to stop them you had to throw water on them. No sugar for me before bed anymore!

I had a dream I was reading terrible FML responses.

usnwife 18

(I don't think that was a dream!)

I had a dream I was the coolest person on FML. Oh wait... ;)

icrest80 4

I had a dream that a rabbi told me to go to hell. Lol I'm not Jewish either

I had a dream of 100s of wasps were attacking yet it still hurt like a bitch like I felt every little thing which was weird O_o?

badass243 6

wow, that sucks. my dreams are more about blowing stuff up, killing zombies, and hot chicks

Damn! I wish I always had good dreams. Every time I'm in a good dream, I wake up at the best part. But not for my bad dreams- no not me, I'm stuck in hell... This is random but does anyone else have problems sleeping deep when you need to, but when it comes time for you to wake up, you sleep your hardest/best? That's annoying as all get out.

GoW_Chick 14

My dreams are exactly the same except take out the hot chicks, add the sexy guys, and I'm in heaven or rather apocalyptic heaven. :)

why would you kill hot chicks. I mean, weird

Always have zombie dreams, think it's my way of planning for the future.

Sometimes I just black out and it sucks bcuz then I don't feel like I got any sleep :P

I hate work dreams! You always wake up extra tired because you feel like you worked all night.

McDonald's beeps are the worst thing to dream, ever. I wasted 2 years of my life at that place.

During the holiday season I always have the hardest time falling asleep because I keep feeling like there are customers who need help still and I'm falling asleep while at work.

guppyfishlette 1

Another horrible dream is all the beeps and alarms at subway!!! I've only been there a month but I'm already having nightmares. It's awful

Let's just hope it wasn't a wet dream Oh god I can hear it know! Fap fap fap fap fap fap Oh goodbye cruel world! *proceeds to shoot self in head*

You just put the worst images in my head. Gross!

I always have wet dreams of cappuccino machines. Don't see anything wrong with it...

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Doesn't matter if it's an inanimate object, true love conquers all!