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  LMFAOwned  |  9

Not entirely weird. Very well possible OP's subconscious is telling her she likes a man in charge and with power. But of course, not the tyranny overlord kind. I hope.

  knoxxx  |  22

Chances are that Hitler just represents some quality about yourself that your subconscious feels you have gained or become "married to". Not at all weird in the grand scheme of dreams.


25- my thoughts too. Hitler did horrible things... But it's not uncommon at all for women to be attracted to men like him who have "alpha male" traits. Dominant, controlling, confident, powerful. While we don't tend to think of it consciously our genes are still hard wired to find powerful people attractive- especially if we lack power ourself, or the ability to claim it. People who tend towards being submissive will find an "alpha male" type especially attractive because there is a good bit of truth to opposites attract.

  nnnope  |  26

8 - he had a relationship with her that involved urinating & defecating on her because that's what he was into.

also, I meant to say half-niece. whoops