By Anonymous - United States - Durham
Today, I had a doctor's appointment because I've recently lost weight. I'm already underweight, and I was concerned because the weight loss has been causing some other health concerns to worsen. My doctor's exact words of advice? "Eating food usually leads to weight gain." FML
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By  alycion  |  38

I’ve been skipping my gp and going straight to the specialist that fits it best. Except the nausea. Everyone is saying it’s because of a problem they don’t handle. Even my Gastro is blaming the lupus. Got to love doctors. The best ones I have have medical issues themselves. They know what it feels like to be the patient.

By  SaucierGirl  |  20

Get a new doctor! My boyfriend does this as well, and he eats a lot. Best case scenario, high metabolism. Worst case scenario, terminal cancer. Definitely something to get checked on!