By Anonymous - United States - Durham
Today, I had a doctor's appointment because I've recently lost weight. I'm already underweight, and I was concerned because the weight loss has been causing some other health concerns to worsen. My doctor's exact words of advice? "Eating food usually leads to weight gain." FML
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By  alycion  |  38

I’ve been skipping my gp and going straight to the specialist that fits it best. Except the nausea. Everyone is saying it’s because of a problem they don’t handle. Even my Gastro is blaming the lupus. Got to love doctors. The best ones I have have medical issues themselves. They know what it feels like to be the patient.

By  SaucierGirl  |  20

Get a new doctor! My boyfriend does this as well, and he eats a lot. Best case scenario, high metabolism. Worst case scenario, terminal cancer. Definitely something to get checked on!

By  kendonmcb  |  18

In fact it does. Surely your Doctor would not have said it that way had you stated that you are eating enough. So either you don't or you haven't, both not your doctors fault.

Too thin or too fat, the problem is in most cases the amount of food you eat. Sure, everybody has some sicknesses, conditions or allergies that can be made responsible, same as everyone has some or another "anxiety" that can be held responsible for people being bitches, selfish, lazy, poor, alone or whatever.