By lagirl - United States
  Today, I had a date with this really cute guy. He invited me over to make dinner at his place. Eventually we end up in his bedroom to have sex. He pulls down my panties and says, "You need to shave that shit." FML
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By  Sonuvabitch  |  0

I'm a guy, and I personally don't give a fuck. IF you are really concerned about extra-curricular pussy, then I think you may be a tiny bit gay, or at least just a prude.

I don't shave my balls, so why should a girl shave?



My personal rule is no one is allowed to tell you where to shave unless they themselves are putting their mouth in that area. My girlfriend shaves her pubes and she asks me to shave my balls so I do. Other people may have other opinions but that's mine

  Rochelle09  |  0

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  swkisses5  |  0

i know we can b lazy sometimes but my bff's ex girlfriend sent her a "sexy pic" of herself with a full jungle on her everytime i feel lazy and dont want to shave i think back to when my bff showed me that pic and i shave my na na lol

  liberal_spice  |  0

I'm the same. It is a right hassle and most of the time I cba but I really don't want to be known as the girl with the hairy moonpeach so I deal with it and do it anyway. XD

By  Sonuvabitch  |  0

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  DaveMcRae  |  0

eww man that's disgusting, it's 2009, start shaving.

  allyleigh  |  0

oh my gosh! thank you!
you're the first guy who has said this! I don't shave down there... yet. but when I shave my bikini line it itches reeeeeally bad, so it's annoying. and if people expect me to shave down there, they better be expecting me to itch it too.

  roadie42  |  21

"Not many women don't shave anymore"... Unless you've been passing around questionnaires concerning this sort of thing, you've probably reached that conclusion by watching too many adult movies. And I must say...if women are expected to live up to porn star standards, perhaps men should do the same too, hmm?

I'll shave like a porn star when you have the length and girth of one. Fair's fair =P

  SiraSiemens  |  21

thats not fair, he cant do anything about his girth and length but you can do something about your pubes, since men also have pubes a fair's fair comparion would be for him to also shave. or if you want to be a bit more unbalanced request him to have the physique of an average adult film performer ;)

By  redbluegreen  |  40

Does he shave?

If it's insane down there, you might want to fix that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and bodies, but you should and want take care of yourself, which does include being well groomed. Not necessarily shaved, but atleast managed.