By soljaboy - / Thursday 4 June 2009 17:09 / United States
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  zachherbert  |  10

Today, I was making sure everything was ready for my date tomorrow. My friends said she was a drama queen freak, but what did I have to loose? I was about to go get my clothes from the dry cleaners, but stopped when I realized that my new mustang gt was keyed. FML

  benbenius  |  10

While I agree that it was not the right thing to do, keying someone's car does not make you a "raving lunatic criminal." To get that title you'd have to run two dozen people over with a stolen car while snorting coke.

By  donner1423  |  0

Haha, just pretend it wasn't you.

By  Telcontar14  |  0

ditto to #1 I mean i understand being absentminded and forgetting a date, but messing with his car just cuz you thought you got stood up? Stupid. Almost as stupid as misspelling "tomorrow"

By  kristenlee  |  3

Just rekey the car professing your love and devotion to him. He'll understand :D

  Weetart  |  8

Maybe it's time to check yourself into a psychiatric ward. And it's more like FHL than yours. You had nothing to lose. If I was him, I would have called some ninjas to key your face BITCH.

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