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  friedpwnadge  |  25

Sounds like he prescribed you a moderate dose of NOPE.
But in all seriousness, if he's that good at identifying problems then maybe he's also good at dealing with them. You never know until you try.

  bookshot  |  9

1. A first date isn't 5 minutes.
2. Borderlines are easy to spot with any real clinical experience.
3. The biggest problem with borderlines and misdiagnosis is letting them believe they are bipolar. I've seen a lot of irresponsible misdiagnosis, but in a decade in the field I have NEVER seen someone diagnosed borderline that wasn't borne out by a thorough assessment.


50, I was assessed for maybe 15 minutes, diagnosed with BPD. Which ended up being the wrong diagnosis.

Also, I find it disgusting that you have supposedly been in the field for so long and yet still don't know better than to refer to people as "borderlines". Just saying..

  zBLAKEz  |  23

Or he might actually be trying to help her. She might be unhappy because of that and now that she knows she has it she can seek treatment and perhaps be happier.

  domolovesyoshi  |  33

and at the same time get a second opinion because it takes more than just one session to diagnose someone with a personality disorder especially seeing as he did it on a first date where she wouldn't have been completely her self.

  allie2590  |  30

38 that's a scumbag thing to say. I don't care if you or anyone finds them dull. Sometimes sympathy is needed. I would hate to see you at a funeral. "I'm sorry for your loss-" "Shut up and make a joke already!"