By Deidle-dee - 26/10/2010 16:37 - United States

Today, I had a date with a guy I've had a crush on for 6 years. Things got heated when we got back to his place, but he had trouble getting the condom on. As soon he got it on, he came. I told him it was ok, I'd help him get hard again. He said, "No thanks. I'm good." FML
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Ya. He could be quite sensitive after. AND he sounds VERY inexperienced... So he could have been embarrassed... I think you dodged a bullet... also, a word of advice. Do not give it up so easy, especially if you like the guy, Nothing good can come of it.

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I guess he just wasn't feeling it.


mintcar 9

I guess he just wasn't feeling it.

haha no sex for you.

no. i'm pretty sure he just felt it too much. :p

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52- Win. He must be gay, OP. If a girl wanted to go around 2, then I would already be ready faster than it takes The Flash to get dressed.

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I bet u finish that fast too

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Do I smell smoke because somebody just got burned! :P

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You should have just said, "guess what douche bag, I'm not cool, now stick that road runner of a penis in my mouth so I can get off!"

wow silicon way to show what you do on the corner

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oh god it's you again! why must you be so obssessed with me you feel the need, to comment on all of my comments just to see my boobs above or below your head?

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hahaha XD nice!

#118 your seriously asking him to stop commenting on your boobs when your pictures is of your boobs showing???? I really don't want to see them either and it's gross to show the world,, why did you put them as your dp anyways??? if you don't want people to comment?? and btw he is not obsessed with you, he is obsessed with pissing you off.

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ok so how exactly is the human body gross?, it not like I'm naked, which there's nothing wrong with, as we were born that way. ohhhh I get it, your just jealous, cuz you only with you had boobs as nice as mine. and don't comment like you know whether or not he's obsessed with me or not, cuz that between me and him, so butt out bitch!

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um....... actually there us nothing wrong with the human body I just hate it when people show off what they have then tell people to stop saying shit about it cause your sort of asking for it. and I'm not jealous of you cause personally I don't think people should be judged and judge other by what rack they have and I really don't want to see it. and don't call me a bitch just cause you are a mean attention seeker

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Hahaha ^^^ WIN, 132 you can stfu now and go sit down.

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your such a ******* hypocrite! you say, you don't judge people, and yet the reason we are having this convo is because you judged me, by my appearance. if you don't like my pic don't ******* look at it. And I called cuz your acting like one. so stop acting like one. simple.

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137 no, actually you can stfu and get your nose fixed, you look like miss piggy. here piggy piggy piggy.

137 does not look like a pig she is beautiful and the reason we arr having this argument is cause you put your boobs on display and expect people not to say anything. thanks 137=)

lol @ boobs. I thought u had a couple of oompa loompas attached to your chest.

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Elixa. why is it every time I see your comments you are saying people are jealous of your ****. to be honest for as nice as they are, they are probably the only good looking things on you which is why your pic only has them. or your slutty take your pic

142 you have no idea what a pig looks like, honestly you blind? And you seem pretty mad...

lol @ all trolls

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Boobzilla- I feel like your picture is a form of sexual harrassment. Stop forcing us to see your boobs. It's not that you can say "don't look" and I won't and the issue is over. They're obviously visible. Stop whining about pervs and put up your ugly face to scare them away. I realize the surgery to fix that ugly mug of yours is expensive, but we'd rather see your Shrek-like face than a.) your boobs, real or not.. Or even "yours" or not, b.) people commenting on your boobs, and c.) you complaining about people looking at them. Trust me, a bunch of us don't want to. Now shut your pie hole, and stop acting like a child.

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awe, poor pizza face isn't getting action in the bedroom, so he feels the need to comment on my pic, the pic he's have been masturbating to for the last four days.

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Hi Elixa, Just wanted to say, great rack. Where'd you buy it? I'd get some too, except mine were born that big. I'd say they are the size of your head, but we don't get to see your face. Don't worry, I'm sure it's beautiful, you just didn't include it because... Er, why was that again? Too bad about the quality of the picture, but I hear that happens sometimes when you copy them from Google. Good luck with your transformation to a machine made entirely of silicone, Ophelia

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Awe 62 your so sweet my darling;). I bet you also have sweet tooth as well. If your boobs are actually as big as mine, or sorry " the size of my head" then you must be morbidly obease to have yours natually that grotesquely big. But don't you worry I'm sure some guts are into Big Grotesque Slabs Of Lard.

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It's so nice of you to think so, but don't worry, I'm a soccer player, and have never been lardy at all. I also know what a push-up bra is, and can tell that your boobs are not nearly as large as they appear to be. What did you start with, an AA?

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143 aww thank you, I was wondering how I looked like a pig. I even went back and checked in the mirror if my nose looked anything like a pig nose but no. @Elixa I think you should just stay quiet you're making yourself sound dumber and dumber with every comment you post, and I didn't know you had to be fat to have big boobs. I have a lot of skinny friends with big boobs that are real.

I like your **** too

It took the OP's frustration as the guy she was with got his, but she didn't get hers. That's what happens when you date guys who aren't mature enough for sex. She should have made she he got her off before he finished, or he should have made sure as the guy's supposed too. OP's guy is selfish.

wats evryones problem wit 111?? like really do u just not like woman cuz really wats so bad about a bit of skin idk where u guys live but here in Cali it's a daly thing and to the OP u need to get laid by a guy who can hold his load

if ur so pissed bout it y are u showing it ???

I like boobies

okay one I'd just like to say that I made an fml account just so that I could comment on this post and tell you that u actually made me laugh out loud :D funniest post I have read in a while- ur deffinetly my hero :) and quote: "boobzilla" why would u want to have ur chest publicly displayed like that? u knew u were gonna get rude and innapropriate replies to that so... if that's what u wanted... congrads??

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She shouldn't be so hypocritical, but you guys really shouldn't be so rude either.

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I guess not

Wait, I thought guys had a refractory period after they came where they couldn't get it up. So... maybe that's why?

There is a refractory period but I wouldn't say it's absolute. I can, for example, go several times w/o actually ever losing the erection, but I suppose it's different for different people.

some people particularly younger guys still have enough childhood endurance to go at it again right away :P but it differs from guy to guy

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the period is extremely short for young guys...

Gota love being young :D

after you lose around 25 kilo you too may find out how guys ACTUALLY work instead of reading out of a dolly magazine

Wow, that was definitely necessary. Um, I can get a man, thanks. Can and do frequently. However, I've noticed that you don't even have a picture up. So you probably weight about three times as much as I do.

there Is a short length of time for that. maybe tmi but my boyfriend has gone several times back to back without even losing his erection. however, this guy seems to have been Inactive for quite a while and maybe he thought it would just happen again. he was probably too embarrassed to continue.

lol. I guess it is different for different guys. I'm 31 and can go multiple times, plus I can go for a while until I umm pop. maybe he was embarrassed. or he just isn't that into you

to be honest, after I go at it once and finish, I don't want to again; well not right away. I can after a couple minutes. it's not that I am unable, rather I have no desire.

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58 u speak the truth lmao

dudeitsdanny 9

I agree with the one who said he was probably embarrassed.. I mean, putting on a condom did it? That's below minute man. Give him a chance OP. You put on the condom next time. And talking about how long you last on the net is like talking about penis size: We don't give a **** and will assume you're exaggerating. Now, if you'll excuse me.. I'm off to weeklong-long sex with my go (dess(this is accurate =)) of a girlfriend. She loves the anaconThat'sThats what the ladies ca; it ;P

Jealous much 58?

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some guys have that. i can keep a hardon even after the second bust. often third. i guess it just depends on your sex drive

I can pop 5 times in a row before I have to stop! It's like BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM! And I can last for hours on end. Aw, who am I kidding? 58 is right. FML

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bs, just because you can't doesn't mean the rest of can't

jckbco 0


I was merely backing up my statement about refractory periods being different from guy to guy with an example; it just happened to be a personal one. I would never suggest that I have a "wonder ****," and I certainly didn't suggest that you should give a shit. How about you try being less of an asshole?

That still doesn't warrant such a rude comment from you. I was only replying to 58's need to say something. However, I suppose I deserved it for even replying to someone calling me a liar on the internet.

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You've been with the WRONG guys honey!

haha nice if u wait like 5 mins then I'm always ready for round 2,3,4 .... but u just gotta keep the guy in the mood

Ya. He could be quite sensitive after. AND he sounds VERY inexperienced... So he could have been embarrassed... I think you dodged a bullet... also, a word of advice. Do not give it up so easy, especially if you like the guy, Nothing good can come of it.

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^i couldn't agree more.

wrong. I always respect the chick more if she's open and wants it as much as me. if she wants it real bad but makes some lame arse excuse or puts it off I see that as MANIPULATION and mind games... and that's not going to go down well. Any way the chubby chicks saying I never give it up easy are bullshitters, when a hot guy comes along you spread those legs as easily as peanut butter :-p

loooooooooooooool i am a cockhead looooooooooooool

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#44... *shaking my head*

I actually read this wrong, I thought it said that as soon as she got on he came, but he came just from the condom...that's pretty sad. :

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having sex with a condom is like showering with an umbrella xD

Expect the worst you can get from a shower is foot fungus

Hell knows the worst thing you can get in a shower is butt-raped by the other inmates.

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69; OMG Win. Bahahahaha

ahahaha guys, they love sex but they come to fast

Some do. Some don't.

so did he at least help you? lol

hey what up?

depends on how bad ass the Guy is

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Was it worth the 6-year wait? Trouble getting the condom on -- what a n00b!

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He really liked that condom.