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Today, I had a conference with my dad, my counselor, and my history and English teachers because my dad was "concerned" about my grades in those two classes. We talked for a while and it was going well, then my counselor asked what I wanted to study in college. I said I wanted to be a teacher. He laughed. FML
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Oh well. If it's what you really want to do don't let people discourage you.

Being a dick is fun and rewarding. Being a teacher isn't.


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Teachers don't get paid enough anyways...

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It's not always about the money.

yeah it's about living in your mothers basement becuase you can't afford to move out of the house and diving a shitty car to work. and being a 35 y.o. virgin. with no gf. maybe that was just my teacher -.-

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You relate all that to teaching? What teacher pissed in your Wheaties?

Kind of hard to teach when you're having trouble learning.

My boyfriend is going to be a teacher. Some people just get enjoyment out of helping and educating others. If you're passionate about something, money isn't going to be the point. The OP never said what they wanted to teach, and just because the dad doesn't like their grades doesn't mean the OP was failing. Also, a lot can change between high school and college. It could simply be they're not disciplined enough to do all the work, they have a learning disorder, or it could easily be the method of which they're being taught doesn't agree with them.

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Thank you, Red. My point exactly.

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Agreed with red. I wanted to teach for that reason, until I decided law was more fitting. OP- Most people who work in high schools are there because they failed at their career of choice. My high school counselor majored in psychology, but could only find work as a counselor. Same with many teachers. You're letting an unsuccessful psychologist mock you, which is the complete opposite of their job. You should have told him something. He's there to help get you there, not to mock your decision.

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Those who can't do, teach! hahaha!

I was more or less thinking the OP had something preventing or causing them difficultly to receive good grades. I've gone to school with plenty of kids that got "okay" grades and their parents still wanted to meet up with their teachers, and the teachers agreed. A good teacher cares about ALL their students, not just a select few.

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Hahahahaha, that was funny, Anna.

oc: The school guidance counselor was the one who laughed. The US does stereotype the guidance counselor as a washed-up or failed shrink in a lot of media, and often a rather jaded or defeated one at that. Since I was homeschooled (thankfully), I don't know how true the stereotype is.

#49 is in the U.S.

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52- I didnt say they don't have a teaching credential. Way to draw conclusions. You can get one in 3 years, tops. Lets say you fail as an engineer, and have a math degree. Is it possible to go back to school 3 years and get a teaching credential? Of course. I'm not gonna assume that of his teachers since they took the time to meet with him, though. Just pointing out something that's very common knowledge. Also, I'm aware of the assumption. I'm also aware of the stereotype. Stereotypes all come from somewhere, whether we like it or not. Psychology is a tough field to succeed in, even to find a decent job in, so a lot end up doing something other than practicing it with their degree. If someone offers you a well-paying job where you mostly sit around not doing much, only occasionally speaking to students or a parent, and you get 2 months off during the summer, you're gonna take it over unemployment or going back to school. VERY few counselors actually wanted to be this. Most of them probably had bigger dreams. I also think it's fair to assume it of this counselor. He laughed at a student when the student answered what he wanted to be. Would someone who wants to counsel people laugh at someone who needs the counseling? Probably not. So save your ranting for someone who didn't think this through and learn to read between the lines. Also, I live in the US so stuff it =)

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Oops, "stuff it" was supposed to include that OP is also from the US so what happens in MY country happens in OP's country. Don't care where you're from, but i'm guessing not the US, which makes your point on what goes on moot, since you really wouldn't know.

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The counselor won't see that you have potential. You know what you want to pursue, you will do it, stay ambitious.

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Those who can't do, teach? What about those who can't teach? Do they fail at life?

danny, was any of that directed at me? 0_o

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Nawh =) all at organizedchaos since he's the one that addressed me.

I don't think it especially matters who did the laughing; it's an FML either way. If the councilor did indeed laugh, that's two people that don't have faith in the OP. If it was the dad, the dad can't take their child and their goals seriously. I'm more interested in what the teachers have to say than their dad and some councilor. I've yet to meet a helpful school councilor anyway.

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84, those who can't teach, teach gym

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great support, dad! FAIL!

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I'm not surprised your grades are horrid in English. Your grammar is god awful.

I think she meant the consulor laughed

goof why would you be a teacher

maybe she wants to ? why do you want to be such a dick?? 

Being a dick is fun and rewarding. Being a teacher isn't.

lol 72! win!

aww I'm sorry 52! :) lol thanks 72 for backin me up!

*51* :p

punch him in the dick

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What an asshole.

Oh well. If it's what you really want to do don't let people discourage you.

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Tell him he can go play in traffic.

with a blindfold on ;-)

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With cars driving at 98 Mph :)

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at a highway

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Have sex with your teachers?

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Quit fantasizing about being my teacher.

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Is not. He started it!

I hate it when this happens :/ my dads the same exact way

I like your number :)

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Be a math teacher.

hardcore soft poooorn dream of californicatiooon

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Finally, somebody understands my username!!! People call me a queer and all this other stuff for having unicorn in my name but they don't know it's from a song by RHCP.

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I do :)

Sorry OP. I can relate. My grades were horrid my senior, but that's only because I ditched so much. I'd only go to class on a test day, ace the test (which was just enough to pass the class) and then ditch some more. It's funny that I am now in college to become a teacher myself. It shocked my parents, that's for sure!

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You are so smert!

senior year**

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Yeah, my comment about psychics disappeared!

I don't know Shy, it keeps wigging out. Try refreshing the page a few times.

ROFL! Yeah I'm sure she can help! My post is battling with the other. I had to keep going back, then enter again to see my post. Maybe I'll just stop posting all together since FML hates me :(

Dora can help, bc she's got the Map! I know plenty of people who want to be counselors of some type or another, so maybe his guidance counselor became one because he had a genuine interest in making an impact in shaping young people's future. Can't really say anything about the psychics, though, that's beyond me.

perdix, I knew this was going to happen. :]

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Irish, Would you please give me the numbers for the Texas Lottery tomorrow night? I'll split the winnings with you!