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  yamatelle  |  19

My friend's mum is going through menopause. I was over to her house and this woman was crying because she didn't have enough cheese in her pizza. She called Domino's and cursed them out with every curse word in the English dictionary; Talk about an awkward moment. We (women) are just screwed, aren't we? If it's not cramps., heavy bleeding, and PMS, it's menopause with an emotional roller coaster that causes us to cry because of cheese. Why, God? WHY?!

  Anai08  |  17

Is it just awkward? Did no one else find that sad? Obviously OP's Mom has been trying to have another child for a long time, who knows all the struggles (fertility treatments, miscarriages, etc.) she's gone through? Is she really that crazy for grieving for that other child she's always wanted?

  number0  |  8

Full grown women can have parties in their bedrooms. However, the technical term is a "cook-in" since they live in the kitchen.


I like turtles because they’re so chill. They don’t hurt anyone. They’re just like, “Hey man, Im a turtle. I want to swim , and maybe eat some lettuce. But I’m gonna take my time getting there, I’m not in a rush. Because I’m a turtle..