By katie876 - 14/01/2012 13:34 - United States

Today, I had a band concert and my mum got kicked out. She screamed "BORING!" in the middle of it. FML
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Freedom of speech!

Better a concert than church haha. ( whoops )


Freedom of speech!

I understand what her mom is going through. I had to usher at every one of my cousin's band concerts. They are definitely not too fun.

Great mom you got there ;)

Yell "SLUT!" as she is being carried away

At least she's honest.

That's pretty awesome

Ya because an unsupportive mom is cool to have. I would've been shocked just as much as OP if my mom did that.

Well Shit Happens 'Nuff Said.

My boyfriend has concerts. I get bored too, but I'm there to wave and blow a kiss at him every time I catch his eye from the audience. Plus there's free food at the back ;)

At least play good music. My band played titanic one year. We might play something by that star wars composer person this year.

Well, it would make sense depending on what band it was.

I want a cool mom :(

Too bad, they're extinct.

Your mom isn't cool, your mom is hot.

I thought if you were hot, you're automatically cool? Unless you mean temperature wise, then I'm sorry!

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Grateful dead?

#36 Dead-Head for life.

I usto Ride the Lightning but then I took an arrow to the knee.

C'mon 95: Out of all the memes you had to choose that One? You know what, after that, Nothing Else Matters. You haven't given me a Mercyful Fate at all. You certainly are My Friend Of Misery.

This thread sucks

I'm sure everyone will hate me for this but... Metallica sucks ass!!!

I agree with 113

#112. So does your picture

Hey, at least they're better than Beiber!

Get with the new shit, bro. It's Dethklok and Children Of Bodom now

131- That may be the new shit. But as a Metal head I have learned that many members of new bands are actually inspired by older bands; especially by Metallica who was one of the few bands who introduced Metal along with Slayer.

Better a concert than church haha. ( whoops )

What are u 12 years old?

pretend you dont know her.

15 actually. Get to hatin ass outta here

Maybe you should play better music.

They were at a concert for a band how do you think OP could control the music?

OP had a band concert, meaning it was his.

I'm sure it was a school concert. The marching band or orchestra at his/her school had a concert, so I doubt OP was the only one playing an instrument.

Whoops, misread the FML. I thought it was her own band, didn't realise it was 'band'. My bad.

But band music is amazing!!

What a wonderful mom you have.

Well today is world slap a hoe day

Band sucks. Haha I'd be bored too. No offense. We all have hobbies.

man, that was pretty harsh. poor OP. i'd at least give his band a listen.

Band is great and you know it. You're just jealous that you're too stupid to learn an instrument.

Band is awesome. We used to play metallica, Aerosmith, and tons of other well known stuff. I hate when people say that band is full of nerds. It's full of talented people that have a passion for music.

So tell me are you musically talented? I'm guessing no. I play the drums and I don't find them boring as you put it.

No, Band does not suck! Band is Cool, and it gives us cool pick up lines and what-not, like, I'm a fermata, Hold me. Shame on you.

Band is actually really cool at my school...

I'm in orchestra, and was in band for two years. I really don't like band as much as orchestra. I think it's easier with only four different sounds, and not like twelve. But OP's mom should not have done that. My brother just started saxophone this year and his concerts at school are just a few notes and various squeaks. But you don't hear me yelling "Boring!!!" about it.

Another favorite is: We're both sharp, so lets go back to my flat and get natural.

Well at least you weren't both kicked out!

It was probably as boring as tits!

I am sorry my friend, but tits are most definitely not boring.

Tits are most defiantly not boring! Most of them bring joy and excitement to men's life :p I find them quite fascinating :3

Hmmm, defiant tits. Feisty.

10 - :o oxymoron!

Tits aren't boring

Maybe it's the moms FML under this one.