By lolreturn - United States
  Today, I grabbed the nearest plastic bag in my bedroom when my boyfriend and I left for Wal-Mart so I could return a pair of shorts. When the cashier dumped the contents of the bag onto the counter at customer service, my shorts and a used condom fell out. It was the longest return of my life. FML
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  kapowi  |  0

YDI for sure.
First of all, you're grabbing a plastic bag from your room. Check it before putting shorts in to return.

Second of all, they're shorts. Surely they're not too much trouble to carry by themselves, without a bag? Idiot.

  were_giraffe  |  2

yeah YDI

for saving a used condom in a bag
and then trying to return shorts that were next to the used condom

i hope they refused the return due to the fact that the shorts might have come in contact with your boyfriend's semen.

i feel bad for the workers there, especially since you felt it was acceptable to give them something like this.

that's disgusting

  lexiBRo  |  0

Im sure the condom didn't weigh the bag down so it was easy to mistake it as being empty, and most people put items in a bag when they are going to return them as a way of letting everyone know they brought the item in the store with them. Extremely embarrassing OP. FYL

  spidergirl41  |  0

You obviously care enough yourself to hit "Reply" to a random stranger who simply said "Second". Nice going. xD

I love comments like yours. It's what I like to call, "Owned by yourself" :D

  humorizer  |  14

Kumo, I invented a joke about this a long time ago.

Here's how you do it... Reply to someone with this:

"RING RING!!! Huh? What is that? Oh wait, it's just your SELF OWN ringing! BURNNNNNNN!!!!!"