By lifeofamusicteacher - Hong Kong
Today, I got yelled at by parents of one of my students because their child didn't perform well at their Winter Concert. These are the same parents who told me months ago that I needed to be more lenient by allowing their kids to skip rehearsals. FML
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By  URBeingLied2  |  23

I really hope shitty parents like that don't ruin the awesomeness of being a music teacher for you OP. My music teacher in grade school is someone I still think about as an adult because she taught us unique songs and made them obnoxiously fun!

By  Selene1090  |  26

That about sums up parents now. It is the teachers fault, not their kids or even their fault. I share your pain, Op. I work in an elementary school and some of those parents, my Lord

By  Dat_Class_Tho  |  26

This is one of those situations where it helps to be both blunt and professional/polite. With a calm and concise tone, point out that all of the children that showed up for rehearsals performed just fine.

By  monkeytater96  |  23

Well Hong Kong, and I'm guessing this happened....this makes me laugh. I'm surprised the parents would even let their child skip. Don't they have a like disgrace on the entire family if little kid does poorly??

By  goream2013  |  6

Working in a school I've learned, that as much as you want the best for your students, there is only so much you can do. There are a lot of parents out there that will frustrate you with their "logic" but you just have to smile and let it go. Maybe they'll figure out they are just taking away from their child and be better.